Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Home

Last week was half term for most schools across the country. Which is a good thing for the traffic. The drive to work takes 5 minutes wth no school traffic. This morning it took closer to 30 cos of the school traffic/heavy snow combination.

It's also good for us youth worker types, because we get to do a different type of youth work. On Shrove Tuesday we had young people in and out of church, wanting hot drinks and pancakes. It was very interesting to see young people and just have the opportunity to sit and chat.

We were busy this last week, but that didn't stop me having some time to go and see my family. And to preach at the church where I grew up. Christ Church is a very lovely place to be. Lots of people of all ages, all very welcoming and I had a good time. I told a joke during my 10am preach, but failed to set it up well, so didn't get a hint of a laugh! Even now I'm still learning!

I'm sure the audio will be up soon, so just keep looking out for it.

I think I left a bit of my heart in Essex this week.

We've started Lent and the new Bishop Alan Smith has set our Diocese a challenge. I'm enjoying it so far... another challenge we've been set is to pray more. Church is gonna be open all day for prayer. So feel free to drop in.

Monday, February 08, 2010


I know a tiny bit about IT, just a smidge, bits I've picked up from Dad since I was old enough to have an attention span of longer than 30 seconds, I can generally troubleshoot, but I still have a lot to learn.

Enter my latest 'mistake' - purchasing Norton360 with out consulting the IT gods (aka Dad). I only just noticed how it's little icon in the taskbar had a orange ! and when I tried to open said programme all I got was a blank screen.

So you find me mid re-install just 2 months after purchase. Whilst Windows Defender (on Vista) works against the clock to complete a scan it's been stopped from doing (by norton) for over 700 days. Poor thing, it'll never make it, I've downloaded so much rubbish!

I didn't notice how slow my laptop had gotten after the download of said programme, it seems that my laptop is in fact still speedy. But because I have patience I hadn't noticed how much it had slowed, til now.

So even though I'm mid re-install on a programme which cost a bit of money, I'm still considering petitioning the IT gods for a new an improved (preferably free) antivirus software.