Friday, May 26, 2006


Sadly I will have to admit that I'm am currently addicted to a few things:

1. Work - I know. It's great at the moment, when I get things right. It's tough some times, but yet I go back everyday! Weird, eh?

2. Searching for a house/flat/room - basically I need a place to live when I move back to Luton in 2, yes just 2, months time. Any ideas? You know where I live, answers on a postcard please.

3. Big Brother - Doh! Every blummin' year... It's rubbish, we all know it. But as you sit there in your skin I bet you know at least 1 housemate's name. Even if you listen to Radio 1 in the morning there is no escaping it. Although I'm sitting here writing so forcing myself to miss the first eviction.

4. Yahoo Music - very much a form of escapism... apart from the rubbish and painful ads!

Had a few bits of good news this week. I might have a car for September, gonna see what it might cost me.

Realising also that there isn't much time left at all for this Gap Year thing. In a week they start interviewing for new trainees. I've got an end date. Scary.

It's been a while since I wrote and I think God's been teaching me about prayer for the last few days. It's been really hard for me to pray recently, but I've had a breakthrough today, feel refreshed.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Late trains... unhappy

As much as being at home is a really good thing, it also means I have to travel on the train.

2 weeks ago I was delayed by 90 minutes, this week was only 60. Something very very wrong with First Great Western at the moment. They can't seem to get anything right.

Anyway, you join me on a weekend away to make up for not having any time off last week.

The Brian McLaren conference really wiped me out, but it's all ok. I've had about 40 orders for the CD's of the conference, long may that continue.

So now I'm at home. Writing emails to excited people and having to see my family tonight cos Dad turns 50 tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost and found

My plan to do more exercise was a bit scuppered last night by an elusive young persons railcard.

So my planned running session for Tuesday didn't happen. Instead I'm going tonight... with a partner. Argh, that means actual running.

The only reason I decided to run/walk into town last week was because some lovely person had stolen my bike pump. I have a new one now, locked up in the house somewhere. Which means I have every intention of using my bike.

Now... to go and get the team car fixed so that we can drive around with both brake lights and reversing lights!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Conference and meals

Hey there!

I sit and write to you lovely people whilst I'm supposed to be listening to Brian McLaren, but I'm too tired to concentrate.

So far we've only had one big hitch... no key for the float box this morning. But 300+ people have appeared from this corner of the country to listen to Brian speak for about 5 hours. Wohoo!

God is good and all the fiascos have been solved. Prayers are a great thing!

I've been fed by Glenwood Church twice already this week... may it long continue! Well, off I go to serve more tea and coffee (to the caffine addicts and the people who refuse to self-serve) Note to self: don't stand in a kitchen looking pretty and welcoming - people will expect something from you. Ha ha!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

To be honest

People keep asking... are you ok?

Thing is, it doesn't work as quickly when you live in a Christian bubble.

I've made a couple of minor mistakes in the last few days. Realising that I shouldn't assume things arrive just because I've sent them and that people take the words out of my mouth and use them how they like. It doesn't matter what I actually was trying to say.

Hmm, really really going to have to say what I've thought about, not what I think right now.

Conference is in a few days, but before that the church building is hosting Rob Lacey's funeral. Things won't be back to normal for a long time. To be honest I'm tired, emotional and scared.

Answered prayers are the things keeping me going.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, I think I spoke too soon. The rain came back in abundance today, so back in the jeans and jumpers for a hectic week at work.

My entire weekend was pretty much hassle free. The funeral was as lovely as it could be. It was really good to see every one and share good memories.

Got back to Cardiff and had hot chocolate by the Bay. Then was subjected to the delights of 'Sahara', very slow and boring film. Not gripping enough to keep us out of conversation about other movies we want to see together, like X-Men 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

I refuse to watch Confetti - on the grounds that I have enough wedding drama/reality TV in my life already. I will stick by this and even avoid my friends to avoid the film.

I've got to finish and pull off the conference this week. So if you are in Cardiff and fancy hearing Brian McLaren on Saturday, let me know. Other events this week include setting up a prayer room, stuffing for Jeff Lucas and another funeral.

Pondering the question 'why?' on many different levels. And although I try to have an answer for everything, I think I'm quite happy to ponder for a long while.

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Family

I have to admit that as it stands, coming back to my family home is getting weirder and weirder. Not only are both my brothers growing up, they are also both still very much at home.

This makes for a very jovial atmosphere, well when they are playing decent music at a decent level. They still managed to duet on most things - a redition of Bon Jovi this morning made me laugh, and would make proper Bon Jovi fans cringe!

Bless them lots. They both work pretty hard, we'll see what happens for them.

Being at home means the conversation has turned to marriage. Argh! That would be my cue to run away screaming, especially since Mike (the youngest) has decided he's getting married before me (the eldest). Ha ha!

Anyway, less of that. More of the fact that summer seems to be arriving here! Wohoo, break out the skirts...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Articles & Prayer Letters

Hey, hey!

My Dad is a superstar. He's put up the prayer letter for this term AND the article I wrote not so long ago.

Have fun reading.