Monday, November 26, 2007


This post feels a bit obligatory, there hasn't been much happening since I got back from Eastbourne, apart from the crazy snow on Sunday night (but I was tucked up nice and warm in a duvet watching Ewan and Charley on the "Long way down").

God did answer some prayers this week. On Sunday morning (in Eastbourne) a new friend prayed for an opening into a school, within the last week I have had two phone calls and a personal invitation to attend staff briefing (which so far I have tried, in vain, to get to). The head of BWA came in to shake hands with me on Wednesday, very excited.

Over the next 3 weeks BWA year 7 & 8 will be spending time in church. Woop! Jesus is amazing. God is working through school...

I'm teaching about HIV/AIDs at the end of the week, a little bit scared by this one, because I'm not an expert and I'm pretty sure I need to read up about current medical thinking.

Saw some good friends on Saturday and am very excited about the imminent arrival of their baby girl!

Today The Times magazine T2 was taken over by teenagers from North London, talking about (surprise, surprise) what it means (to them) to be a teenager. I think I'm going to use this soon, and see what my teenagers think...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


The sun also rises... into my window on Friday morning, the most wonderful thing I've seen in a while, so I took a picture

Eastbourne is great, I was the youngest in my hotel, but luckily I had some great friends to chill out with during the days of the weekend

This was one of the views from my balcony. I don't think I'll be staying in that particular hotel again, but it was gorgeous.

The conference I was at I mainly used for networking/meeting other youth workers who I'd otherwise never see. It was a brilliant opportunity.

Monday, November 12, 2007

What's happenin'?

This is a question I get asked regularly, normally I have no clue myself. Today I feel as if I'm on the inside, fully aware of what's going on, not only in church, but in my own head.

Clearly this makes a change from everyday life!

Some of the more exciting things happening are:
* the young people/young adults of St Hugh's are heading to Uganda in summer '08. Logistically this could be a headache, prayers/emotional support much needed.
* Christingle is in the hands of the young people again, pray for God inspired moments and the 'coming together at the last moment'-ness that church is famous for!
* I've got two conferences this week (wohoo!), I need to be well (haven't been since last week) to maximise effect of networking.

In other news -we will not be interviewing for a second youth worker this time round. Oh well, God's got other plans...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A day...

... where you wish your mum was around to take a picture.

But she was in essex and I was in Luton, so here's my self portrait.
Just before I headed to St Mary's (the big church in the town centre) to speak at their 10am service on Luke 11v1-10.

As I finished I got some encouraging words. It was lovely to be back for just a short time. I really enjoy sharing with other churches, it makes my happy.