Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Chocolate

You know that face the guy on the Revels add when he has the coffee sweet?

I found a coffee and chocolate sweet that doesn't make me pull that face and is actually quite nice. I shall be heading back to the shop where I brought it several times next year - I have found a new comfort food, yeay!

Also got set a challenge today, by a 15 year old (who's mum is a preacher) 'Show me where it says in the Bible that Jesus is God.

I couldn't actually do it off the cuff, I did have another 15 year old shouting that he was Jesus, which we all know isn't true. I don't think Jesus would ever be that cocky to his mates older sister.

Now I slowly realise John 1, and the passage about the Word. But I also need to find something that my little brother (who hasn't been to church and received communion for a while) can explain. I'll ask my Dad, he should have something up his sleve.

I can't wait to do some theological training formally. I love the fact that Jesus can teach me everyday through challenging 15 year old boys, who blatantly have nothing better to do than to wind you up.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I was talking to Christine last night about being in the middle of a storm but being under cover. I can see and hear the storm, but I'm in no way getting wet, the most fantastic way to view a storm.

But don't get me wrong, I would go and dance in it if I wasn't here. I can smell it and experience it, and just like that it's gone. You know it will be sunny in a minute.

What I would really love is some dry thunder and lightning, stuff that has no rain attached, but that's hard to come across in the monsoon season.

Well at least the grass got watered and the birds have something to drink.

I found out today that the blocker that is on this computer blocks 24/7 prayer and the UCCF website, also my little random verse box. How depressing is that? Gonna chat to the administrator see what he can do about it.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Goodbye Luton, Hello Cardiff

Well that's it, officially I've left Luton and am heading in the direction of Wales.

It was good to say good bye to the church as a whole and get a 'sending off' as Nick called it. Charlie half apologised for springing it on me, little did he know Nick had warned me at the end of the morning service. They prayed for me. Thanks you guys! You are all amazingly gifted at being articulate and praying, keep it up!

Its hard to leave such a great town with all the people that I know and love. But its done now.

Saying good bye to the people who are my peers was... fun. Hugs and kisses (getting patted on the head?) all round. Sad that this kind of attention is at the end of it all. Loved it.

Well, Luton, I love you, I always will. You will be in my prayers and I will constantly be aware of God's calling over a town that has so many Godly people living in it, innit!

My personal thanks go to
  • Chris - for being attached to my hip so I have a shoulder to cry on
  • Mareike - attempting to re-teach me German, taking my place at the washing up bowl and loving me
  • Gill - you are amazing, love the TGI's with all your heart, show them God's love, they need it
  • Tasha - boys are always going to be a problem, but we can still chat about it all he time, lunch was great, keep in touch
  • Michael and Nick - for being cell leaders, even thouh we were all a bit hesitant, thank you for encouraging me and teaching me
  • Tim - for making countless hot chocolates and turning up to save me from my house, for all the advice you gave me
  • Jude - for inspiring me to reach for the thing I think God wants me to do, and to search for my true hearts desire
  • Selina - your excitablity about any thing is catching, more than glad to have your support, you can cook for me any time
  • Howard - for listening to me and putting up with my chatting about issues that are revelant and irrelevant, thank you for staying in Luton

I know I've stopped there, I know that I've missed people. I love all of you more than I can put in words. Please continue to be you and keep talking to God about it all.

On to Cardiff, after the training and weddings... see ya around!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm sitting in my hotel room watching whatever is on at this time in the morning. Liz and I are in Manchester for 3 days while we can. She goes back to Cheltenham tomorrow and I'm back in Luton for my last ever weekend.

I'm feeling very gutted as I didn't take my camera to horse riding in the peak district yesterday. We saw some beautiful sites and heard so many lambs. It was great to be surrounded by the sound of rushing water. God's creation all around. I was thinking which of my friends would come horse riding, any offers?

Liz's horse was decidedly slow, it was very funny watching her trying to control her horse, mine behaved for a change!

Got sun burnt on both my shoulders, so today we're going shopping for t-shirts and watching Tim Henman play. I think we'll find a big screen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I've decided I love my sister's wireless network card. I'm sitting listening to music off the net and eating breakfast in Oxford. It's great. I never thought I'd say that.

Currently visting Carrie and Dan in their new home in Oxford. I say new, they've been here nearly a year, but are well settled. It's been great to see them both and catch up, I think, depending on where I am, I'll stop here on the way back next year.

Speaking of which, YFC offered me a place, but are waiting for my references. I need to chase a few people up on that. So it's not confirmed yet, but I'll get a leter from Steve.

It's all go to Manchester this afternoon when Liz finally gets her bum in gear.

And I realised that boys timing is less than perfect. Got a phone call last night inviting me out in Luton, doh!! Why do I always become overly popular as soon as I leave a place, I don't get it!?!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


clueless, tink, princess

Manda's 21st Party last night. It was very fun seeing everyone dressed up. Most people made the effort. We had a good laugh.I hope there will be lots of those people making the same amount of effort in a months time.

Also went to Pete and Becky's wedding yesterday. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Clemison. It was a fantastic ceremony, involving lots of people I knew, and I'm proud of all of them.

Heres the Bride and Groom
Bridal party and Bridesmaids

And Christine and myself all dressed up... kinda.
Christime and Me

A good day had by most! Great that the sun came to join in.

All the best to those who are married or will be getting married soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Driving me

Well, I'm back in Essex, if ever so breifly!

I had my absolute final interview this morning, after not getting the job at the Uni. They considered me for another place on the admin staff, processing application forms.

Its a desk job - should be interesting, if God shuts this door, I shall be leaving Luton for the summer on 26th June. My last St Marys Service that day (God bless Gill who will be taking over my spot in TGI's), so if you are in Luton, please come along. I would love to see everyone all together one last time.

Had my last cell last night. I told them all I love them and have been really encouraged by the support and friendship they have offered over the last year. It's been tough and fun sometimes.

Maybe I was abit too soppy for some people, but they'll get over it.

I was talking to God last night while I was watching a movie and thinking how movies, although incredibly epic, make life seem easy on the outside. It didn't seem to take any courage for the main character to tell the girl that he liked her.

There are some people I love and I tell them every time I see them, the others I love I have real trouble telling them and there are some people I just don't love, but that's a whole other post. I wonder if there is ever a balance.

I ended up telling God I was sorry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The last of many

Just had my YFC interview with Steve and Judy. Both great people with real hearts for mission and youth. It's great to see passionate people in Luton, even if they are only visiting!

It went well. e.t.a and yfc are both fantastic (my new word.. I keep saying it to describe stuff!). I think that I'll be doing lots of youth work and young offenders stuff next year - if I go to yfc.

Yes it's still very much undecided. So I'm sitting in Uni again, my only internet access, leaving on Friday afternoon wasn't as final as it could have been. I think moving out of the house will be hard.

I found out I'd be with a host family, some where in the country. You know when you have real positives and negatives for all your options and God tells you YOU need to make the desicion? Yeah, that's where I am.

Also realised that yfc want their teams to be very much GOD focussed than some other places, at least relationship-wise. The phrase they used was 'hold back from'. This is something I still find quite amusing, maybe I'm just really immature... Yeah, I can't work out why, so I must be immature!

So that's it. I've done all the interviews, now I really do have to make a decision.

Praying, praying very hard!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

life is random

Well it is, I'm not going to argue with the iPod ad I just saw!

I'm contemplating the download of iTunes as a birthday present to myself, but I think it all balances on internet access next year. Yeah, maybe I should just stop thinking, I know!

Said goodbye to uni yesterday, by that I mean I said goodbye to most of my course mates. We're all back for graduation on the *cough* of September. No I'm not telling the date, I look rubbish in a hat!

Had a moment of sadness yesterday as well as I sat in my last Rock Solid (the Friday night youth club) realising everything is coming to an end at Luton. Will be harder to go through all my stuff later with a bin-liner.

I'm chucking out a load of stuff before I go back, it's the only way I can fit it all in the cars! Nb: the plural, I get to drive in 6 days and keep the car for a good week! Very excited. For some reason I feel more grown up having control of a car!

Also getting more excited about my birthday. Handing out invites in the next day or so, when I see people.

I have been dragged into appreciation of particular artists this year, my musical appreciation (was going to use knowledge, but that is not right!) has grown, so I'm making the most of listening on the net. Maybe that's where the iTunes thought came from... hmmm...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Just came out of my interview for the marketing job at the university.

It was good, not horrendously bad, and being able to draw on my experiences as a Student Ambassador really helped. Still no promise of a car though :o(

And I found out this morning (whilst watching telly and doing nothing, thats right nothing!) that my YFC interview will now take place at 8.30 AM (yes, AM) next Tuesday. This my slightly dampen my chances of getting on to the team, oh well...

I'll keep in touch seeing as I'm now free!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


... a graduate!

... a scared lady.

... a child of God

... unable to prioritise correctly!

Its over, I am all of these things (and more). Now all I have to do is parade through town in a hat and gown. Oh yeah and get the results, argh!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One day i'll get round to it...

I'm back! Well, I got back on Sunday, but lack of revision for Health Psychology meant that I was retained in my house until 5.15 last night, so no internet for me!

Anyway, Kidderminster was good. I'm still on the interview stage of other things, so I'll not say much more.

It was definitely interesting to see the 3 churches if St Georges Parish there. I got to see a family in action over the weekend and visit two of the three churhces on Sunday morning. Generally a busy weekend.

Trains were a nightmare coming and going. I couldn't really get my head around how I managed to turn up late on Friday and leave so early on Sunday, but still be late back. I will not travel north on a weekend ever again, trains are horrendous!

Back to the good parts of the weekend, the vicars are really lovely. The whole parish is very welcoming and full of life, but not life that is aged between 18-30, worries me slightly. Its the syndrome that exists in any non-university town, the youth go away for the term and come back at Easter. There is that to tackle with.

Keep praying for me, I have lots to think about and revision to do.

In 26.5 hours I will have finished uni forever, hopefully!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29v11

Always good to know!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just saying goodbye

Not for long though. I'm off to Kidderminster for my Careforce interview tomorrow afternoon. So I won't be around for a while, but I'll let you know how it all goes.

I think it'll be good to get out of Luton and to not be going home. I need this. Although my life didn't go pear-shaped last weekend, something has happened in my heart and head to make me think differently, I'm not even sure what it is. God, maybe?

Well, whatever happens this weekend I can imagine that I'll be doing a lot of praying and talking. Hopefully you guys will join me.

And there are only 8 days left of uni, to say it's odd would be an understatement.