Saturday, January 29, 2005

MK = Mashed Karen

Just finished two days full work. By full I mean, 9-6 yesterday and 9-5 today. I was in Milton Keynes selling the university to students and their shopping parents. the questions ranged from 'can i have a pen?' to 'what do i hvae to do to get onto an MA in marketing if I have a Third Class degree in Business admin?' The answer to the first question was yes and the answer to the second question was 'ring admissions'!

Yes I know. I'm tired, hungry and confused. I manged to spend two full days in a shopping centre and only spent £17 which I can't claim back on expenses. Self-control rules! Also had to explain why girls start planning their weddings before they reach the age of 10 and then had my point (that we have it ingrained from the age of 4 that we must have a fairy tale wedding) proved by the next three married women with small girls who went up to look at the huge red dress in the window.
Nice or what?!

Anyway. Off to see Selina and meet Steve! Very excited.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh help me!

I'm actually being paid for this one! I'm sitting in the computing labs in Vicarage Street at Uni 'watching' over some e-Business Students who are designing web code on a programme that they have never used before. Its rather hilarious.

They are from Barking College (and need to pee a lot) and have no idea about what they are trying to do. I know for a fact that they don't want to be here. But thats it realy, they have a day out of college and they don't really care towards furthering their education. Then they'll complain later that they don't want to go to Uni, because they never got the chance to look round.

Funny. We're trying to sell the open days and taster days to the other colleges, but these boys don't want their pictures taken. Probably afraid their Mum's going to se them! Ha ha.

I've been at home for the last few days, just chilling and coking with the boys. Very interesting being serenaded/told to cook dinner. I laughed lots. It was fun. I came back yesterday in time for prayer and cell. I'm glad that we got the chance to sing Happy Birthday to Christine. She's no longer a teenager, but still one of the youngest in the group! Bless her lots. We had cake too, chocolate of course!

Well, I have to wait another hour now, then do a tour in the rain. On the plus side, I get to spend the whole day in Milton Keynes with Andy (a new student ambassador, fit is the word I'd use).

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Marbles and Jelly

Ok, I promised a report, so here goes.

The history of youth at St Mary's spans back many years. Its current leader, Charlie Farmery, has been in his position for 4(ish) years. Last January he started a Friday night youth club aimed at 11-14's called Rock Solid (original source yfc). The first few went really well and after a while he started asking other leaders to take part. In January 2005, I took on this task along with Christine. The aim; to help children enjoy their Friday evening, to get them involved and to get across the idea that Jesus is no.1.

the youth leaders took the Rock Solid material, and pick and chose their programme. This involved one game called 'jelly and marbles'. The aim is to get as many marbles out of set jelly in a set time limit. For this purpose, a child from the crowd timed 60 seconds.

To play this game the youth worker used three types of jelly. Lime (for its smell), orange and red, the jelly was described as sunset orange. It was then transported from fridge to fridge in 4 tubs, one per volunteer. It is vital that the jelly is kept cold and out of sight, for maximum feel and effect. The youth worker requested 4 volunteers and asked them to sit on chairs on a protected floor. The jelly was brought out and the rules of the game were explained. Remove the marbles from the jelly, as many as possible in 60 seconds. You are only allowed to use your foot. Go! When the time was up the marbles were counted.

2 out of the 4 volunteers got 13. This shows that they have good skill. Also both were girls.
No comment as yet: the theory that girls are great needs further exploration.

The aim of the game was completed. Everyone enjoyed themselves. 'Good game, good game' Charlie Farmery, 2005 (original source Bruce Forcythe). Improvements come in the form of using more leaders in the game. One may not have been enough. It may also be a good idea for replicas to include disgusting colours of jelly, achieved with food colouring. Choosing children who decide that they will play to the rules is always good (Joe Mason, tipping the container should be made illegal, cheater!). It might be an idea to sell jelly shortly after game, and hand out jelly related prizes, which the youth worker forgot on this occasion.
Recommendations: become a youth worker, if only to play messy games.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cell, Chats and Orion!

Its amazing, the sky was really clear last night, and due to other people's vast knowlege I saw Orion and his belt.

Another one of God's great creations that I get to see because of where I live. I can't believe I'm considering moving to a different part of the country.

Yes, we are still on that subject. Here goes all the work that is involved with signing up for new things (and even turning old jobs down). I guess I'll be filling in a lot of forms over the next few weeks and I'm sure I'll have the answers to the questions well rehearsed by June.

We had our second cell meeting last night. It flowed really well, we all had something to say. Gordon, Selina and Nick all did an excellent job. We prayed loads too - something I think is fundamental for the formation of a cell. It makes you explore relationships you might never have had.

Then Jana and I sat at the bottom of the steps to my house talking about the world, our families, shopping and boys. That is summing up 90 mins worth of talking in 6 words, I think I did quite well!

It was really great to chat, and there are a couple of statements that will stay with me forever(you know the particular one I mean, J!). We laughed and almost cried (as women do) and eventually got home and to bed.

A good day all round I think. On to CU and God working in ways that we could never imagine through Bible Study. Then I get to make jelly and marbles (don't ask, I'll write a report soon!).

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Break Up

Its a bit belated, but i've had a weekend to come to terms with this:

BUSTED splitting up

Yes i'm very sad about it all. Busted started just as i started uni (thanks to Mandy for a short introduction this time 2 years ago) & i have tracked their short lived career through 3 albumns & countless number1s (not as many as Elvis though, blimey!). I even saw them on their first tour! I know i cry with many people when i think...

Oh no now theres only McFly!

Now i'm all for boybands, but there is something right about loyalty and sticking with first loves!

'Nuff said!

We can all move on and talk about it in two years time when there is a 'where are they now?' on Busted!

Much love to the boys who changed the image of the boy band...

Thursday, January 13, 2005



This was the view from my window this evening. I feel incredibly priviliged to be part of God's creation with all its amazing colours.

The fact that some of it is pink made me laugh at the people who laugh at people who wear pink. Its a great colour, even God thinks so!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Server Down

As always the uni system has been overloaded by people coming back after Christmas and has failed to cope. So I'm writing on a borrowed user and probably borrowed time (that also means I have no email other than hotmail, so texting/ringing it is!).

We, as final year students, are totally used to this, but it is funny watching some first years run around like headless chickens while the system is fixed. I seem to remember being one of them and then getting a D- becuase no one had the decency to tell me we had a days extension. Rude, I think so!

This title will probably have a double meaning by the time Liz leaves on Saturday. I'll just want to collapse after getting back into the swing of things.

I'm leading cell tonight - as a backup leader I have to take over when no one else is available. Luck, or God, would have it that today is that day. Both the boys are away at various things and Christine is focussed on training, it's a case of Here am I Lord, send me!

The membership of cell has also changed. A few added and taken away, all makes for an interesting dynamic. Nick and Michael are main leaders, whilst Christine and I are in charge of the girls' pastoral care. Another job where talking is the main aim. Yeah, I'll stop there, too many people know I like talking!

And I'm leading the games/activities section of TGI's on Sunday morning, as well as walking the Children down. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can tell you now that the prep time for it will be close to zero!

I'm off to a meeting about CU. I can see the end of this running up and smacking me in the face in late Feb. Yes! The end of the learning curve that is CU.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I was wrong

As my Dad has so lovingly pointed out, I was wrong about the party and Andrews behaviour.

All the people around on Saturday were really well behaved. I had a great time. I have survived the move back to Luton also. Here I am again sitting in the noisy IT suite thinking about what needs to be done before Liz gets here on Wednesday.

Several things have already been solved, but one still plays on my mind, my feet are wet again.

I put the wrong shoes on this morning so I'm paying by sitting in puddles now!

Nevermind. Another thing that is rather interesting is the idea that I am back, but as yet have no clue where to find my next semsters timetable. This is only because I have lost a sheet that the Uni so willingly placed in my care in September. I've lost it. I guess I'll search for it tonight when I get in (and try not to be distracted by ER).

We were talking aboout God's call on Mary this afternoon. That was really interesting. My thoughts tracked to the next year. I shall be pooling my resources (3 youth workers, a vicar and several Christian friends in touch with various organisations) over the next few weeks. I'm open to suggestions still, but I need to start applying for places. I shall be praying over the next few weeks about this specifically, please join me.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


As if it wasn't busy enough at this time of year, the family always have one last thing to celebrate at the end of the neew year stuff.

This year its gonna be big; my little brother has turned 18! He is now officially an adult. So we are having a massive party.

For me I know this calls in to question my ability to control my self. I can assure you I will be praying throughout the day and preparing myself for this one. There will be alot of drunken teenagers and I think some of them will be nursing hangovers while I travel to Luton on Sunday afternoon.

I also think I won't be seeing much of Andy after Saturday night, from the example he set on new years eve. Bless the boy, he passed out at 9.20pm for a full 20 mins. So I think he'll either be on the floor by ten, or he'll manage it through the whole evening and throw up on the way home!

I can't morally object to under-age drinking (because I know there will be lots) because I was a victim of the peer pressure that exists. We've all one it, we can advise against it, but there is a line to be drawn.

Any way, I think the next time I write I shall be back in Luton. One final exam and my final semster starts. 3 days after I arrive I shall be officially in charge of cell - with two other leaders. Scary, but looking forward to it.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year?

New Year ball was great. I had so much fun with my friends. A definite mix of old, now and new.

My home Church makes a surprisingly good venue for these events... has got me thinking about turning 21 in the summer. Would it be too much to ask?

I heard on the news today about how there were moments of silence across the country for the victims of the tsunami that happened earlier in the week. This is a story I have been half listening to since it happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm saddened but absolutely amazed by the damage it caused. I cried about it, and I've talked to God.

This natural disaster reminds us again of Gods great power, and awakens the world as to how dangerous nature can be. It has spoken to a new generation and they have responded. Prayers go to all those that are brve enough to go into those situatuions and help people get back on their feet.

Went to the final wedding of the year yesterday. Hannah and Matt, who are both on the youth team, got married. It was great to see the church full to the brim with all of their families and friends.

Each wedding this year has had something very unique to it. Hannah and Matt's was a tribute to their families, by lighting one candle to symbolise them joining together. I've enjoyed all the weddings I've been to this year. So many memories.

So on to 2005, this should be interesting...