Monday, September 26, 2005

This could just be it!

Hello, sorry I have been prety much non-existent this week. Lots on and now my manager has come back from her honeymoon, so even more work on our plates.

And I've just been given the opportunity to do some sex ed training with Oasis for next year. Very helpful learning experience.

So there you go, I'm very happy at the moment. The only thing that is really getting me down is the fact that I'm so far away from everyone at home. But that will all change pretty soon as I'm taking my day off to see some special people.

Have realised though that anywhere from here is pretty distant. 4 hours home, 4 hours to Luton and at least an hour to Cheltenham. Hopefully those are all trips I will be doing soon.

Seen God at work a lot recently. I was up in the South Wales Valleys yesterday, and did some major thanking of God for my experience at Luton Uni. If you want to know just ask, its a bit hard to explain some times.

So we're starting a school outreach up there on Friday, I've got the opportunity to lead a youth (11-14's) cell group every other Sunday and base the work I do in the 11-18's range. God is being very good to me.

By the way Michael - I'm in Cardiff, they 'forget' the c in ll! I think they are just being lazy!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Monday Morning

So this is how it feels to be up and about on a Monday! I haven't done a full weeks work for a while and now I know how it feels.

So far its been good. I'm starting to find my way around and even got a lift into work this morning, so we left 25 mins later and were still (pretty much) on time. As in any city, traffic in Cardiff in the morning is harsh. Lots of buses in the way and mad people generally.

Had an amazingly short staff meeting. That's it for this week so far.

Last night I went to Pubchurch and I think that where I might go back to. There are some good people ther, including one girl I've met before, although she was touring so she doesn't remember me. It was good to see so many individuals coming together and we had a laugh.

This afternooon I'm on Admin duty, and tomorrow we're prayer walking around Llanedeyrn (lan-ed-in - I'm starting a welsh phrase book). Much fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rude Bus Drivers

Every one else in cardiff is great. Really helpful, always wanting to politely correct a random English girl who has no idea where she is going and what she is saying.

Apart from one. A bus driver who is generally unable to be helpful at any point. I've met him twice now and both times he's charged my flat mate and I extra to get to church in the morning.

It's solved now. We got given a bus pass today. Lovely, no more bad pronounciation from me!

Been to two groups and so far am very excited to be part of a fantastic family.

(Sorry, I promised to post letters and disertation and never got round to it. I'll do it soon. Dad if you are listening can you send me instructions on how to .pdf stuff)

Monday, September 12, 2005


Would be more imaginative, but I've had a long, long day. And I'm only here for reasons of youth group that is later on tonight.

I met the team and got the timetable for the next three weeks this morning. Very interesting to see who is who and who is doing what.

Did you know buses in Cardiff town centre don't give change? I was stunned this morning to find that out (I did have the exact amonut in my purse which makes me think Jesus does want me to be here). Oh well I get a bus pass on Wednesday.

Keep praying for me and sending me encouragements, mail amd email. I now have enough money for the first term's installment, thanks to everyone and GOD (its the 2nd and 3rd I'm now praying into).

Have to go and eat, have more coffee and set up for my first youth club of the year.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No Sex Please

I don't know if you caught the programme on BBC2 last night called 'No sex please we're teenagers'. Personally I thought it was a good idea for todays culture to see. Its not often teenagers get their attitudes and values challenged.

With all the religious hatred stuff around I was really impressed that the programme producers decided to leave in Dan and Rachael praying at the start.

This was the first programme out of three and already one guy has been touched by the Holy Spirit. God has done amazing things to get this programme on air and if you are near a telly next tuesday at 9pm switch it to BBC2. The next one should be interesting.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Falling asleep

Seeing as the pub is still broken, there will be no work for me until it is fixed, which could be after I leave.

I'm very sad. I'm gonna miss the pub a lot. I know it was only 5 weeks, but I seem to have got attached very quickly. Maybe it's the nice people I work with, or the opinionated regulars, I don't know. I will be sad if I don't get to go and say goodbye.

Had my final Church service in Billericay today. Of course I'm also sad to be leaving, but there are still a lot of things to be praying for.

I still have little to no money to pay for this year out.. I'm really afraid. I know you'll come back at me saying God is everywhere and I needn't be worried. It's true, I can't argue with you there, I won't argue with God either. I'll just be praying that my head and my heart decide to start communicating soon.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Pub's Broke

Got an unintentional day off today. The Pub broke yesterday morning.

The electrics kept tripping out and the cooling fan is broken. So no cold beer which means it's frothy, and no kitchen because the drain is blocked.

The joys of running a pub. Joe, the assistant manager, was considering buying his own... maybe yesterday changed his mind.

It definitely changed mine. I forgot how some people are very stuck in their ways about what they drink. At least 3 people just walked away and 2 others compromised by buying bottled beer and complaining that they had to pay a bit extra. Shall we let the pub lose money just to keep you happy sir?

Have learnt it is better to let the customer in on the deal and let them walk away. The Kings Head got a lot of business yesterday.

I wonder what the locals said about it all...

Now knowing that I have two days off makes me want to run away somewhere. Probably ending up on a Luton door step asking for dinner, but with the pub being shut I'm not earning money. Catch 22 is a very clever thing.

Luton people: I miss you loads. I love you even more!
Wales people: 8 days to go!