Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Americans, Wedding Blessing and New family

The last week of 2010 was a very busy one for Robert and I. We spent some time in Essex celebrating Christmas with my family. I love them all very much and it was really good to have Christmas at home.

Our first Christmas together was uneventful and very much a Fisher Christmas. Church, eating, sleeping, eating, drinking, opening presents and sleeping some more. We were at home for Boxing Day too, and managed to walk the dog, which was really lovely.

On Monday TJ and Val arrived from Atlanta and we had our first house guests. TJ and Robert have been friends since college. These two have supported Robert (and now me). They are lovely. I really enjoy their company. Tuesday we had an epic day and drove to Stonehenge. It rained the whole time, but was made entirely bearable by having a lovely husband and some very good friends for company.

On Wednesday Robert's mum and brother (DJ) arrived. We spent the day wandering around London seeing the sights. It was lovely to have my mum and dad with us. The 8 of us sat down to lunch in Nando's in Victoria. A very small Nando's but a lovely time eating with family and friends.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were more chilling out and shopping days. The girls and the guys split up and did their own thing for the most part. Guys enjoying Xbox360; girls shopping. It was good fun to hang out with the girls.

On Sunday Robert and I had our marriage blessed at St Hugh's, with my St Hugh's family, extended essex family and friends and two very special guests from Cardiff. It was a very exciting and stress-free day. This was the big white dress and suits day.

Hopefully we'll have the pictures very soon. The most overwhelming thing was that everyone was there. We had people from all the different parts of our lives, joining together and making friends. It was amazing to see and to be there. I really can't believe how much support we have and how blessed we are.

On Monday we said goodbye to TJ and Val, we'll see them again in May. And on Tuesday we said goodbye to Mum and DJ. Now we have a house all to ourselves. After a week of having a full-to-the-brim house, it's strange to be by ourselves. I do miss my new American family and friends. They are very good people.

The best thing to see is my family and Robert's family getting along and getting to know each other. It is such a blessing that they all we chatting and doing a great job of making everyone included. God's really done a good job with us all.

On to married life proper. Nothing before us, nothing to plan for, nothing to work towards, except being married.