Monday, December 27, 2004

After Christmas

Its over for another year.

Jesus has come into the world as a helpless baby and the world is ready to be saved once again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about the coming year.

My home Church have flung themselves into a year of mission which they shall be praying for in the first week of January (although not on the Bank Holiday - there's something wrong with that) and they all seem to be looking forward to celebrating the year.

I graduate in 6 months - did I say excited, I meant scared! And I will be flung in to the world and have to work for a living. Wow what a task.

I also step away from leadership for the first time. I have to step away from being Secretary on the CU. This is something I am going to find hard. God knows I'm a control freak and so do my friends. I need theirs and Gods help to let go of this. But it will be fun to see the CU run by some one else. God be with the new leaders.

Those are only three things I can mention, I'm sure there are many more that I can't name, probably because I don't know what they are. Its up to God to guide me and keep me safe. I have to make some massive decisions this year and I'm glad that God is on my side.

I wish every one who is out there the very best. Have a great 2005!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Its done!

So its all there people. The links below go to the photos (a select few I must add, all the rest have me in, I have a cringe phobia of me pictures!) and the sound clip. You are very lucky people, if I actually had any control none of this would be out. There are permanent links on the side of the page.

A very happy Christmas to every one. Enjoy all the services and spend some time relaxing.

I love you all lots and lots have a great couple of days!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Carol Sevice

See some of the Photos.

Here is the Sound Clip! I'm so excited!

Me at the Carol Service


Last night I walked out of the car and straight into a pub!

It was great to see all those people I hadn't seen for months. It may have been the alcohol that they were drinking, commonly known as Christmas Spirit, or it could have just been that they were happy, but they all looked really good. I don't think much has changed in town. A few shops have shut and a few have opened (Yes, we now have a bridal shop, ARGH). Its good to be back.

Michael has grown in the last 2 months, so he is now an inch tall than me, and I don't think that'll stop any time soon! Andy and Mike will forever be my little brothers.

I didn't get to say good bye to a few people yesterday, but I think its gonna be ok. At this rate I'll be back in 8 days! Can't keep me away!

The other good news is, I now have the capability to spend hours messing around with putting pictures and sound on the web! Look for the link.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The end of the year

Well, it seems like its the end of the year already. This is, of course, forgetting that there is still Christmas, a wedding and a ball to go to before we finally say good bye to 2004.

Its been strange actually having a house that I am comfortable in (most of the time) and a place I can look after. We made a special deal of Christmas on Friday. It was really fun. Miriam is an amazing cook. We all brought presents for each other, I got a mug thats says "Nothing gets me in the mood like a man doing my dishes". I think its great that I have something that sums me up in one!

I also got a few things I wasn't expecting. A set of photo frames from James, a message from Mareike and a George Foreman (for the house) from Jana. I love them all. So my first Christmas in Luton with Luton people was amazing. I'm glad that so many people could share with us.

Even next door did. I don't think they were so happy though, we kept them up! Whoops!

I really value my friends. They know me so well, all the presents and the messages suited me doewn to the ground. There was so much love in that room.

I spent the whole weekend with the TGI's really. Ice Skating on Friday, London on Saturday and TGI's as normal on Sunday morning. Really feel like I'm getting to know them a lot better.

Then we had a carol service on Sunday night. A large majority of my friends took part and I'm very proud of all of them. You know who you are. Well done for being so good at what you do, you multi-talented bunch of people! Love you.

I'm so glad that my parents love me so much that they've let me stay in Luton for so long this year (4 days longer than originaly planned).

Well, good bye to Luton for a week! And Hello to Essex and all the friends I haven't seen for 3 months. Yeay!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Its OK folks!

I had to ring Mum in the end. But Grandad was ok. So hopefully he'll be fine by the time I see him on Wednesday next week.

I've finished cell leaders training now and can officially lead a cell (like I couldn't before?). So when I come back to Luton in Janurary (which does actually seem like a whole year away) I'll be push (un)willingly in to the deep end. Can you hear in my voice how excited I am?

Don't get me wrong, I do want to do it, I'm just abit apprehensive about doing it. Cell leadership can be talked up or down by a lot of different people. I can be assured that I will be trusting God so much more!

Feeling realitively happy, but just off to finish Christmas shopping and hand in an essay. Yeay!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Well, the treatment that Grandad was supposed to have at the end of the week already happened. I'm just about to go and look up the hospital on the net. They offered him wine with his dinner! So there's a plus on the recovery stakes.

He did stay in over night and I'm just waiting for my mum to ring and tell me whether they've let him come home. It was a bit of a surprise last night when she rang me, but now I know what to buy her for christmas.

All is calm, all is... bright?

Anyway, I'll save the carols for Sunday, when I get to see all my friends on stage singing or playing their hearts out. Very excited!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Thank God for the Weekend

(I think its a song Lyric, hmmm...)

Anyway! Here I am on a Monday morning and I can't believe I'm smiling as much as I am!

News that the car will be fixed has just reached me. I love driving, maybe I'll actually get a chance before Easter!

I've had a great few days without the house being full up to the rafters.

The prayer night was excellent, we got back to the grass roots of prayer and prayed how our Saviour taught us, The Lords Prayer. I only stayed for 5 hours at the start and 2 hours at the end. But 7 hours sorting out stuff with God was a great way to start what could have been a boring weekend.

I got a letter from an Ignite person on Saturday morning, I love being in touch with the youth, they write very interesting things (and its better than getting bills). I had to write back immediately otherwise I wouldn't have done it!

I've nearly finished all my Christmas shopping and they are all wrapped too! Dead impressed with my self. I even fixed the hoover, with a little help from Miriam. So I cleaned as well. This may sound incredibly boring, but I got a lot of stuff out of my system singing and dancing while cleaning!

Then spent a night in chatting to Tim and watching Notting Hill, by the time it had finished I think we'd both realised that life isn't a movie. I'm so glad.

Christingle on Sunday morning followed by lunch with Lou, was a perfect day. I finished my essay and ate lots of ice cream and cake.

God is great! He works in amazing ways and I'm really glad that he is the focus of my life. I have something to live for and work towards, something that is everlasting.

So at Christmas time the question is, Where is your focus? (don't give the Sunday school one word answer, explore what it really means)

Friday, December 10, 2004

An after thought

Well, the Carol Service went really well, with a few hitches and many people telling me I had to smile.

So on with the fixed grin, which changed in to a real one once my Dad had turned up.

Feeling exhausted the Christian Union Choir (we practiced so hard) opened with a selection of Carols (surprising that!) and made way for the University Choir, who were amazing! A really good soloist this year.

Then Howard, James and I took the stage for the welocme and opening prayer. All good (as always Dad had something to say about my pronounciation, hey I come from Issex!).

The programme flowed really well and then we got to the song that I had to sing Solo in. Argh, my legs were shaking the whole time. Everyone told me I did really well afterwards, I thank God for it, otherwise I so would have forgotten everything. Thankyou everyone for your support and putting up with my moaning about it.

Howard's sermon was so funny, I just wish people laughed more. Christmas is a very happy time!

Christine took pictures, so I'm just waiting for them. So that was it for my last University Carol Service. I'm looking forward to hearing the reports from next years one already, or I might even be there!

We took Mareike out for birthday drinks too! It was very fun to see every one chill out abit after a stressful day.

Love you all very much!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

All by myself

Yeay, finally!

I'm gonna turn in to a bit of a recluse this weekend. The rest of my house is away, there's stuff on telly I wanna watch and I have free reign.

We had a bit of a stress out last night, only because we have so many people in and out of our house constantly. Hey, Jesus tried to get away from the crowds, but he was perfect and showed compassion. I think our house ran out of compassion last night when 4 boys turned up to eat dinner, kind of uninvited. Don't worry we had words.

The thing is we're all too polite to say no. We'll learn.

We've only got a week to go, so it should be ok.

Carol service tonight. Absolutely scared. But watch this space for pictures.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy, busy...

I don't know why I'm sitting in front of this screen again. I have lots to say still, but one main thing is in my head.

Let me be. As I am. I was coping and now I'm not.

I don't know what it is, but I have a really busy week and God still wants to put stuff on to me.

I'm supposed to be helping lead cell this wednesday, it was just assumed that I would. Some one once commented that my mum 'does nothing, ask her', I'm starting to know how she felt after this.

People are assuming that I'll do things without questioning. I'm learning the importance of the word 'no'.

Thanks to Christine for taking on the organisation of cell this week. Mate, you are an absolute star, I couldn't do this without you!

I also want to say sorry to all the people who are bored of me talking. I think I'm gonna keep pretty quiet for the next couple of weeks. Not talking can be a good thing.

Happy Birthday to Mareike! No longer a teenager, Much love to you!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ok, Ok.

Yes, I am not doing my essay, but we all need a bit of chill time.

I promised Chris that I wouldn't spend all afternoon on the net, and so far I've been sitting here for 1/2 hour thinking about my essay and reading other people's blogs.

I know the last post makes it look like I have no time at all, but I figured that I'd try and write anyway seeing as quite a lot has happened.

We've had Rock Solid (which was mental, especially since we had a few new kids, taking a mini bus to Hart Lane is great). Then the filmathon, I think I saw about 4 movies all the way through! I was exhausted and the line up did include such classics as Uncle Buck (I went home and had a bath) and the Italian Job (which I just didn't want to watch. I have slept a surprising amount this weekend already.

I did most of my christmas shopping yesterday too. Wanyes World didn't draw Miriam and I in, so we left. So I can say I've started it and not be lying! I don't even know how much I have left.

Then I went to bed at 10.30 and slept til 8, it was wonderful to sleep that long. I don't know when people left my house last night, I was asleep!

Change of subject briefly, they've introduced a 3 strikes system in the Library and computer rooms now, so if you use your phone you get a strike. Your final strike includes your faculty being notified! So the phone is switched off. But it is very obvious that no one is taking notice. We'll see how long it takes to weed out the people who are silly and rude.

Ok, I'm off to do some work!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Its gonna be a long week

I wish I could finish that with weekend and not week, but here goes.

This week starts with Rock Solid (final one of term, promises to be mental) and 24 hours of movies.

We then move on to Sunday, where I have to start an essay. If I don’t I’ll be doing 2 essays in my final week. Not a good idea!

Monday is essay writing.

Tuesday is the Chaplaincy Day Away; all volunteers are going, but not me. I have to stay behind and finish the essay, sing in the Foyer, have a committee meeting, and a mission meeting. Then small groups and writing the challenge for the CU social.

Wednesday consists of Lectures, singing in the Foyer again and choir practice. Then Cell.

Thursday is Carol Service day. Only God knows how this one is going to turn out. My Dad is coming and I can imagine that ½ of Luton will be there. Slightly scared.

Friday, the SU is opening its new entrance at 12; someone from the CU should probably go. I’m also setting up 9 hours of over-night prayer.

Saturday I’m clearing the prayer room and starting my next essay.

Joy! I love being busy, but I hope it doesn’t make me ill.

We had the AGM for CU last night, and made open mockery of the Democratic way the SU runs. Voting should be non-existent in the Christian world; we view leadership as God’s calling. So we ‘voted’ unanimously for the people already in office. Gavin’s face was a picture. Our actions gave evidence to us being in the world, but not of it.

Yeay for the witness that is CU!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


So may be not the most intriguing title, but I've been thinking over the past few hours, does my constant dig at boys make me a feminist?

Yes, I know I was saying the other day about becoming a wife, but it has been brought to my attention that I'm on the war path when ever a boy opens his mouth.

I need to stop, although it would be under the advice of a boy (this comes from the boy who was beating me with a cushion and punching me last night, I can hold my own, don't worry).

Does the lack of equality in society shape my words?

Again and again we are told about the not-so-balanced 'balance' between men and women in western society. Men still do less housework, but women still manage to get to work and raise a family. We still live in a male-dominated society, however small the majority.

I don't know why I react like I do, but by the grace of God, who made man and woman in His own image, I think my war path will have to slowly become a path towards God.

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" - All counts towards a very quiet person!

On a different note: the chaplain is having a bad time right now. The Islamic society have decided to petition against the way they are treated in the University, with their main focus being the lack of room in the Chaplaincy for them.

It remains to be seen how this will be solved, but all I can say is, God Bless them. What ever they want to do, I just pray that it won't make the chaplain feel more rubbish.

They do seem a little lazy, getting a petition, rather than finding another room, but they've never really had any (aired) objection to changing room on an irregular basis and during Ramadan. Have a look at this, Muslims in Britain, see what you think.

Finally, all the assignments are getting done, slowly. I have two essays and 1 presentation left before Christmas. Luckily enough, I remain relatively unstressed. I think the singing has calmed me down.