Thursday, December 05, 2013

Our Sole Responsibility

Superbaby is four weeks old tomorrow. He makes the transition from being newborn to infant in the world. Though everything is still new to him and he will have first time experiences for the foreseeable future.

There is no question about mine and Robert's unconditional love for this little human. What I didn't expect was the bond from his grandparents. So far we have had 3 grandparents stay and help us out while we are learning this parenting thing. Nana, Nan and Granddad (who I have a nickname for, but I'm not allowed to use) have stayed for a grand total of 3 weeks and I am eternally grateful for their dedication to their children and grandchild. Robert and I count ourselves very lucky that we have two great families supporting us. The extra pairs of hands have really helped with baby holding, feeding and cleaning as well as house keeping.

We went to Thanksgiving at our favourite Aunt's, Mum and Dad saw people from last Christmas. Robbie got passed around all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that were there. I didn't see him for a while, but I didn't need to. He's a great baby and I'm very happy to pass him around.

That being said, he's our baby. We are the sole carers for this child and he is fully reliant on us to provide food, a place to live and sleep and he stays relatively clean because of us. We applied for his passport the other day. With a minor (under 15) and first passport you apply in person. Off we went to perform our duties as mom and dad. Without us, he doesn't have a passport, he can't fill in or sign the forms. They were confusing enough for me! 

As scary as that sounds, I've also found some spiritual connection in it. God was and is molding this little human. I'm certain that God knows what he is doing, even when we don't and especially when we are making it up. I pray with my child and for him. Yes, he's our sole responsibility, but I'm so glad we have a God who has looked after my parents, my husband and now my child. We wouldn't be where we are without His guidance.