Monday, November 28, 2005


I had another great weekend.

I've worked hard and had some fun right at the end of it. I got to dance and jump around because I love Jesus, something that got me funny looks (and that was from all Christian young people).

Quite strange.

Any way, God is great to me and I'm gearing up for doing some hard-core youth work over the run up to Christmas.

Could be working with Young Offenders in the next year, should be very exciting! Can't wait to put my all into everything again.

Which means I am fully recoverd from the cold I had, yeay!

Friday, November 25, 2005

It snowed so I got a day off

Yes, thats right.

The 'pass' up to the valleys was snowed under this morning. So all the hard work I could have done today...

... will still unfortunately happen. Meetings at church that I wasn't going to be at, now I'm here I have to go.

I have letters to write and cars to fix. Joy of joys!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Awaaaaaaaaaay!

Wow, I just had the most fun going back to Luton for the weekend. Saw lots and lots of people as I was just leaving which makes me ask why the weekend has to stop just as people come together on a Sunday evening for Church.

But nevermind! I saw all the people who wanted to see me and got to stay at my old house, which is much changed.

Its all fantastic though.

If you come across this and you are in Luton this week, please go along to the uni as the CU are there on Mission this week. They need all the help and prayer support they can get.

Thanks to everyone who was around at the weekend (too many to name, but you all played a significant part in my trip). I had such a good time seeing you all and catching up, only if it was for 30 seconds or a whole afternoon.

You guys are great, keep going strong for God wherever you are and who ever you are talking to. Don't be distracted by those around you.

Well, back to work, but not after I've done some 'me' maintenance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Winter cold!

I'm sitting at home wallowing in my own pity...

I got the morning off seeing as yesterday was a long day. I started at 7 am and didn't finish til 3am. It made the cold I've got worse. I'm just about to get up properly and get chicken soup for lunch, yum!

You might be enquiring as to why I had such a long day yesterday. Two reasons really Dad and Christine. I had the opportunity to go to St Albans with Church on tour and being that side of the country these two lovely people came to see me!

We had a good chat and I did my job. It was really refreshing.

God is so good to me and the people around me.

I can't wait to see everyone, hopefully by then I will have shaken off this cold and had a bit more sleep.

Monday, November 14, 2005

It's Christmas...

Don't worry, haven't gone insane just yet. But I have started to get irritated about the insistent Christmas talk among the team and various shops all decked out with Christmas trees.

The only thing that makes me feel vaugely Christmassy is the cold that has crept up on me and hit me over the head this morning. Feeling rough.

However on the bright side it is only a day until I go to St Albans and less than a week til I go to Luton.

I'm very excited, so if you are around next weekend, I'll be there, hopefully with out a cold.

I'm also very close to finishing module two of the course I'm on, just two more things to do, and here I am procrastinating as much as I possibly can.

If any one mentions Christmas shopping they will get sneezed on!!

Michael, I have two words for you: oh dear!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bumps and Babies

Found a niche in the Cardiff market.

Offering myself as an in house baby-sitter/heavy lifter (not the children, the furniture) during a mums and tots group. So I had fun this morning.

Finding joy in the little things, like not getting covered in paint even though I was in charge of craft!

It remains to be seen if I will fill this niche permenantly, but I'm sure up until the holidays I will be quite happy there.

Back to my Welsh dictionary:
bore da! (borey daa)- good morning
llan - church/parish/village/yard
cyn (kin) - before
pont - bridge
pridd - earth/soil/mould/ground (so I don't really get why a place is called pont-y-pridd)
I think thats enough for this week, any words you desperately want to know I'll try and get them, but no promises!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello there!

Hi everybody!

Have had a busy week. But its been really good.

I've started to get a big passion for Cardiff thanks to God and Philip Jinadu. Its great to beable to pray into hundreds of situations in the city, whilst being focussed.

That came at the end of a long day, but the next day was even better, now I can do CPR! And I'll have a certificate for that too.

How exciting is this year turning out to be!! And in 8 days I'm going on tour with a few people to St Albans. There are people I have to remind, but it'll be so great to see everyone.

We went to see the firworks at Caerphilly castle on Saturday night, and taught the American guys who are on our course about the tradition!

I love teaching and organising people. I'm starting to feel like a bit of an adult, with this whole 'saying no' thing as well. It's so fun!!

Any way... moving on to more serious things.

Please can you pray for:

  1. My house - its up for sale and my house mate can sell it we get to live in a bigger house in a nicer area. She's really stressed about it, but she knows God has his hand on it. We all need a bit of peace
  2. The team car - as much as its a blessing we're having issues with responsibility and routine still. And its broken a lot in the past 6 weeks, so the devil is definitely trying it on!
  3. My sister and her fiancee - as if you didn't already know
  4. Money for next term - as of yet don't have any...

They are a few things, I'll keep you informed. I forget some times that I have prayer support, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

1st Qualification

Wohoo, just got back from Hereford, and after 4 days intensive training (well 2 days in one week then a 2 week break) I am accredited to Oasis Esteem Training intiative.

So thats fun. I'll go to Porth on Friday and let them know, then I'll be let loose on unsuspecting teenagers and get to talk about sex lots... yes, I am scared.

Apologies also for being absent for a while. Net has been down at work and half term holiday at school increases work load, not decreases.

Oh well, check out Liz's for some exciting news...