Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

Aww, had a long weekend... mostly started with a painful bit of parking in St Albans (which is lots of roadworks and highly confusing - made me wish I had sat-nav).

Then saw Music and Lyrics, much hilarity had by all. Cheesy rom-com, but it hit the spot.

Woke up Sunday morning to a smashed back windscreen and am currently wondering how on earth I'm going to cope tomorrow... God has a way to provide throuh these things. So I was at work all day today, and intend to be at work all day tomorrow. I have lots to do anyway! Maybe being trapped at work will help.

We had Tea-Time! this afternoon, and am very glad it only happens once a month... ddon't think I'd be able to cope if it was any more frequently. And I don't think I'll ever ad-lib/have control of my temper as much as I did!

God has been amazing since forever and I don't really expect it to stop now. I think I'm just going to spend a while enjoying telling the devil to take a hike, my God is bigger than a smashed windscreen and mental kids. Hoorah!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


As Lent began I went to my first Ash Wednesday service. There's something in me that associates Ash Wdnesday traditions with the Catholic faith, I don't know how or why, but its there.

I think I surprised myself a bit by wanting to go, but it was a great service. I had been up for a very long time and driven to Essex and back in the afternoon, but I managed to stay awake.

At the moment I am slightly petrified by the idea that I will be the main speaker at Liz's Youth Alpha weekend. And I seem to have managed to make the Friday before extremely busy, but I don't have school tomorrow, so I need to make the most of that.

Check out this, if you are interested in doing a Gap Year, or if you just want a laugh!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I found some. Mightly over-expensive, but the yp were impressed. So Lent begins tomorrow... what you giving up?

But more importantly what will you be putting in place of the things you've given up?

I could rant here, but I think I'll leave you to think it through for yourselves.

The best thing about pre-Lent is the pancake party and me eating as many biscuits as I can. Ooo, I've just thought of another game for tonight! Aha, yes, I'm quite harsh really.

Thats the randomness over with for today...

The joy of the Anglican Church means I'll be writing annual reports this week, the scary formal part of my job, but it's not something I can't do. I just have to concentrate a bit more than normal.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks and my diary is slowly filling up (in all the wrong places), but it's exciting.

Been in Luton just over 6 months and you know I'm loving it. But I know I've already been here too long, words are starting to come back into my vocabularly Ithought I'd waved goodbye to!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Images of God

What do you think of when you think of God?

Do you immediately think about the big guy who lives upstairs and is normally dressed in white with a long white beard (Simpsons)?

Or something detached coming from the sky, like a hand or foot (Monty Python)?

Or do you not have an image, and maybe thing images are irreverent?

This is the focus of Lunch time club next week, so I've been doing a little bit of research, with some amusing results!

Including a fake Jesus beard, seriously don't ask.

It did get me thinking, what is my image of God? More thoughts later...

On a different note, Valentines week hasn't past without some really good news! 3 Engagements and I'm very close to booking a trip to Canada for a special event. I would have to say I'm very excited about the future for all of the couples. Many congratulations!!

Well, back to work. And searching for cheap flights!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My alarm did go off at 5.30am, and I did ignore it! For a change.

Half term moves on slowly, I've done the lent course for the youth and hopefully we won't have too much of a stress with it all. So it's there ready to be dealt out... now we just have to hope I don't lose it or forget where I've put it (Too many things have suffered that fate recently).

Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time thinking about what I should give up for Lent. My latest sermon was on this subject (and can be found here), so that has helped a little bit.

I'm off to find dough pretzels (in the UK a near impossible task)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

24 hour Famine

I thoroughly intend for this post to be massively disjointed... it's going to be written over three days, so you guys get the full effect of Youth Work in flow (if I can ever find a quiet moment).

Friday night:
Having just got in from youth club, which I really enjoy, I've sat down to work out what I'll need for this weekend, and how I'm going to feel human delivering a sermon having not eaten for 24hours previously.

I'll wear a nice pair of trousers and pray to God that I can do this. Miracles are a highly acceptable situation. Listening to John Mayer's amazing album to calm my nerves. Some times I have no idea what he is talking about, but at this moment he is hitting the spot on lots of stuff. My Bed beckons me...

Saturday Night:
Young People are watching High School Musical. So is pretty quiet. Am very hungry, but it's been a really good day. 15.5 hours to go, I'm very excited about what the morning prayer and bible study will be like. HSM is pretty cheesy, just needed to escape it a bit!

Sunday Night:
So after 24 hours, abit of rambling for 10 minutes up the front of church (I'll post sermon on other blog soon) and lots of triumphant eating the famine is over. The longest weekend of my life is over (only to be repeated again in 3 weeks time, thats a whole other story).

They did really well, one of the volunteers ate a raw onion and this morning we raised more money for WorldVision.

The challenge has been set... get fasting into daily church life!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One Week to go...

(early) Valentine's Day was a big sucess! I had lots of fun decorating last night. And this morning was a lot of fun... The pancakes went down a storm. They even had little arrows through them that said 'With Love' on the fletchings.

The weekend is the next big event. Planning and writing today, then with the possibility of a snow day tomorrow I'll be writing again.

Actual Valentine's day is empty in my diary (could I drop any more hints!!!) but with out Big Breakfast I will feel a bit lost, after I've had the extra four hours to lie in!

It's going to be a long weekend, the youth group are doing 24 hour fast and then we are doing some spring cleaning. I feel like this weekend will be break through with a lot of them. I'm praying!

Monday, February 05, 2007


I went to see Blood Diamond with a new friend and then we went on the Ferris Wheel at Milton Keynes. Film was very scary and probably too gruesome for me. A 15 being too bloody is worrying.

Sunday I headed into town for the LCET open day and Andy talking on 'Cars' at St Mary's. So thats my weekend in a few sentences.

Of course I enjoyed the return of Johnny Wilkinson on Saturday. I'm still an advocate of watching rugby curled up on a sofa with coffee! It'll be a long time before I enjoy standing in the cold watching sport!

Had dinner with Chris and M today, it's always good to see them and even see some pictures from South Africa. Thanks M, glad you had such a good time.

I say phew! and the week has only just started.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I know

It's late, it's Friday.

A girl my age should be out dancing or something. But I'm saving it all for next week, when Tasha starts uni. Exciting stuff! Got me reminiscing a bit, and thinking, 'wow Uni, that was 18 months ago'.

And basically thats all I could think. Sad eh?

I ranted on myspace earlier, thats much more interesting than me here and now. Bed time I think!