Sunday, April 30, 2006

Favourite things

I had a random conversation with Christine today about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and for some reason the Sound Of Music (which I haven't seen all the way through either!) got thrown in for extra Bank Holiday joy.

The last few days has been about a 'few of my favourite things' just to keep me going and pretty much amused before I have to finish essays off tomorrow and go back home at the end of the week. Most of my favourite things are chocolate based. Hmmmm.

The text messages and praying have really helped.

I'm having to summon strength from all the places I can find. God's there still holding me up and my entire family.

Almost back to normal now. Had younger youth small group tonight. It was really great to get back to see them all for a while without have to really discipline them. Although I chose an invisibility power (we were designing superheroes), I would go for a wander until they stop talking! Although I wouldn't probably come back.

They can chat for Wales, but I do think they are great.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Day off?

Yeh, I know, Gap Year Trainees, like most students, get a stupidly large amount of days off where they are supposed to be working, but find many things to do which actually means they are procrasinating big time!

How do we ever get any work done? Well some would put it down to the grace of God, others work through entire nights just to get projects done (not pointing at any one at all - but you know who you are), others just get on with the work.

How do I intend to get through two mini theologically sound essays? God's grace sounds like the best option.

So here I sit, a mere 6 hours after being woken up by the seagulls fighting on the roofs of the terraced houses opposite, and I haven't done a drop of work. Pants, Neighbours is on soon!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to work proper

The rest of Soccer School was great. Amazing kids and even more amazing coaches, made the week fly by.

God really loves all of those people who helped out and all the parents that came along on Friday to watch all 6 matches (all going on at once) be hijacked by a black bulldog.

The littlest guys just wanted to pat the over excited dog... the older they get the more scared they seemed to be. I then realised that the kids who were scared don't have pets at home.

We are afraid of the unknown, unless the the majority is unknown, then we seem to be more willing to learn.

So after distracting the dog and finishing the matches we all went inside for awards. Then it was left to the coaching team to tidy up the bulding and have a final pray. Soccer School done for another year, with an invitation to return next year.

I have realised the value of one-on-one dedicated volunteers. God had a big hand on this last week, He's been really helpful.

Deposit is down for the country house and small church for next year... wedding fever is about to errupt, but I have a funeral to attend first. Such a busy time of year.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. My latest newsletter is available... drop me a line if I've missed you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Soccer School Day 1

It was fun, don't get me wrong. I love standing in the rain having a small child who has ADHD hitting me and trying his hardest to beat me and score a goal.

But there is something very strange about God's sense of humor. The ADHD guy is a real test of paitence, grace and love. Bless him lots. He's great and really intelligent, just has real trouble communicating at the 'right' time.

Its gonna be a month where I have to praise God no matter what happens, because that is all that can pull me through.

My Grandad died last night, after a year and a half fighting lung cancer. I'll be going back to Essex soon.

So there won't be a report on Soccer School day 2 because I'm sitting in my room... keep praying.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yea... argh!!

Just got back from Luton. I have a job as a Youth Worker, and I'm gonna be by myself for the first year.

Big shock this morning. Diego won't be joining me when I start in September. His leaders in Sheffield think he needs to stay and finish the course he is doing. Which I think is fair enough. God's obviously got something planned for him for next year.

The girls, being teenage, hormonal and well, girls, got a bit distraught. Seemingly with good reason, the boys don't have a role model who interacts with them often. So the tears for Diego aren't unfounded, and the church youth are desperate for a man to fill the gap.

Felt a bit of a spare part, but only briefly. My line manager reassured me that they want me to come too.

I start in August, probably the day before Soul Survivor Week B, then I get to go to Soul Survivor. I take a breath and we are back into school... gonna be a long summer.

Thank you for your prayers. You are all stars.

I'm off to bed, I got ill yesterday and am going to get drugs from the doctor tomorrow, in anticipation that I will be rushed off my feet during Soccer School - 6 days to go!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Home

So I got home safely on Friday, after sitting for a good half an hour in Liverpool Street station waiting for Dad. But I have lots of reading to do, so I made myself comfortable.

I'm gonna be working most of tomorrow. Trying to figure out where I want to go with my essays and the like.

We have begun the Easter story with the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem riding on a colt. Very interesting scenario. I've been thinking how morbid this situation would have been for Jesus, but at the same time the Jews were celebrating the arrival of a King who they thought would crush the Romans.

That created abit of discussion over the table at lunch time.

Tomorrow I will find myself having a big discussion with Jesus. It's 24-7 Prayer in Billericay this week. I need this prayer time more than ever. God's really gotta be in the next few days.

It's abit of a shame that Billericay Churches haven't caught the vision of prayer, and the guilt trip thing didn't really work this morning. But I trust that God is great and will completely work through this week.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nearly home time

I will be back in Billericay this time tomorrow. Very excited to be going back... doing things like getting a haircut, seeing the doctor after promising I would over a year ago, seeing my Grandparents, my brother taking me out for lunch and possibly helping me buy a car.

I have 2 really important trips next week too, one to Luton and the other is back to Cardiff. Very short break this time round, lots to fit in.

I've also got to spend some time plugging my gap year for next year. Going Public have given me loads of fliers, which I will be spreading around. If you are interested, let me know.

We did time and self management today in Connect. Very interesting subject... for me! My concerns about budgetting and money stuff were eased today. The youth worker at Glenwood seems to have it a bit easier than most, the full time administrator for the church is there to help.

I guess I'll find out next week how budget might work next year.

Although I love God and the gifts he has given me, having come out of the woodwork as quite an efficient organiser type person does have it's down side. Comes in the form of other administrators who are older and 'wiser' telling you how things should be done.

I nearly got scared out of my job as Holiday club admin assisstant on Tuesday night. It wasn't very helpful. But I should be having a meeting soon to set me right.

God's been good and a challenger this term, bring on the summer term. I can't wait to see what He's got for our team as we all start to look to where we are going next year!

For those of you who are missing it, here's some random seasonal words in English/Welsh
Easter - Pasg
Egg - ŵy
Chicken - ffowls (fowls)
Cross - Cryws (cruise)
Jesus - Iesu

Monday, April 03, 2006

Schools out

Just got back from our last lesson as part of the Oasis Esteem series. Bless all the young people who have had to hear us say 'sex is great' numerous times during the lessons. They were very giggly today, especially after their very blank faces. Realised it must be very demoralising being a teacher.

So school has finished and the next time I go into a school should be as part of the Seduction presentations. That's not till the summer term.

Easter is just around the corner, and here Schools finish on Thursday or Friday. All the clubs are gearing towards easter and telling the story of Easter.

I'll be home by Saturday, wohoo!! Can't wait to see every one again.

Gonna go, got a staff review this afternoon and I should be starting reading for the two essays I've gotta do. Christian theology in written word with no space to ramble, this should be interesting.