Friday, July 25, 2008


I've taken to sitting in the garden with books and laptop, to enjoy the summer and finish an essay.

Couldn't have done this last year, mostly cos my last laptop wouldn't have lasted 5 mins with out the power cord and it was raining a lot.

So here I sit, watching the sun set behind the back wall of the garden. Marsh Farm is surprisingly quiet at times, though wherever you go in Luton you can hear the planes, trains and motorway.

There was a bit of comotion last night, with a helicopter hovering overhead for a good 30 minutes and it disrupted us neighbours enough to all come out into our gardens to see what was really going on. Dodgy!!

Now the focus is on camp, and september.

God's here again, and he's nudgng me. I kinda like being nudged, it's better than a big fat shove. Though I've had a few of those too.

I hope the rest of the summer is this sunny...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


... forget where you've come here from!

Birthday on Friday, so headed in to London to see the musical based on the Take That songs.

It was very funny. Can't believe that the last time I saw Take That was when I was 11 or so, at Earls Court, minus Robbie. But now they are back, and doing well.

Then we went to Farringdon for drinks, pictures on Facebook!

Cake on Saturday, with family and friends, and then preaching this morning. Notes on the other site. Was a very fun lovely weekend.

Preaching was a good laugh, better than before, little bit of audience interaction and laughing. Now it's on summer programme, and I'll be calming down alot. Going to enjoy Summer this year I think.

Monday, July 14, 2008


At the moment it feels like every thing around is changing, and here I am just plodding along with life.

Though I guess I should be grateful, with nothing huge happening at the moment I can focus on delivering a great preach this Sunday, and now that I've finished most of the uni work for this year, I'll tidy the house (ha ha).

It's actually quite lovely to be busy, but for things not to be changing. I have a slow summer too, but I have just been asked to do an evening talk for the camp I'm on. Pretty excited about that. Will be a first time and some of my young people will be there. I obviously have to be quite prepared before I go, so prayer is much needed for those of you still out there.

I will of course post both talks on the web.

But for now life plods on, and I get to run around in a dark room this evening, Laser Quest here I come!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is it a bird... is it a plane...

Nope... it's nothing as eventful as that.

It feels as though there is not much to blog at the moment.

I could always start a discussion along the lines of "So, women bishops, eh? What's that then?" But I won't for fear of the Vatican never talking to me again... seriously who left grown men in charge of the church?

I can say that cos no one is reading at the moment, readership seems to have slowed. Maybe it's because it is wedding season and the pictures weren't that great, or everyone is jealous of me being so close to John. Who knows.

Maybe all the readers are on a summer break... back soon!