Monday, January 26, 2009

Quiet Time

It's been a quiet start to the year. There's been much juggling and sorting out, but we seem to be settled and content with the fact that another year has begun.

Today is Chinese New Year and Australia Day... confusing! So I watched the aussie soaps and have stir fry for dinner.

My new year challenge was to not be so addicted to facebook. It seems to have worked.

The hope I had at the beginning of the year still hasn't died! I'm a little surprised, but that's a good thing I suppose. Hope for lots of things. Especially hope for Obama. Good prayers and speeches last Tuesday.

Hope, there always has to be hope. Faith, Hope and Love. I pray my year has all of these.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On the road

I would like to offically announce that I will be going to Uganda in late August this year!

It is a very exciting moment because the group I'm going with are all young people and they have been desperate to go for about 3 years. We will be working with Mission Direct on this project. We are going to be living at Rukungiri Mordern Primary School, which is in the south west of Uganda.

To aid our fundraising we will be running, cycling, walking, rowing and swimming 4000 miles (the length if you drew a straight line from Luton to Kamapla) over the 40 days of Lent. If you would like to sponsor us our justgiving page is here.

I'm massively excited about going to Uganda again! It's such a big opportunity for the young people and for me. The only pressure now is to (raise the money) enjoy ourselves!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year and beyond...

I have returned to Luton with the intention to work. I preached on Sunday morning. I'm glad that there wasn't a lot of pressure with this one, the Anglican year begins on the first Sunday of Advent.

It was good. Not my best, but good all the same. There were God moments, which I certainly hadn't planned for and it's just lovely to be back with family and people who laugh when you make mistakes (because they know you, not because they are laughing at you).

New Year went off with out too many problems. Some lovely dresses and well dressed men. I didn't win best dressed, but my parents where the Judges so I couldn't have won. Liz has pictures. I didn't take my camera...

Looking forward to 2009, it's started well, let's hope it continues.