Friday, December 29, 2006


Coming home reminds me of the strong taste of coffee/hot chocolate that you get when you are just about to finish your drink. I think the end of a coffee is the best bit, it's twice the strength of the whole cup and it's cool enough to drink without burning your mouth.

Home is a bit like that, it's definitely twice the strength of anything through out the whole year and coming home normally signifies the end of a term/year.

I think I also have to have twice the strength to survive it. As children grow up family time gets more and more precious. the boys probably don't realise it yet, but because they spend 90% of their awake time either at work or at play somewhere else, home isn't holiday time for them. So consequently coming home doesn't mean automatically seeing my brothers. Strange.

2006 will end in a matter of days and some of us will struggle to see where the year has actually gone, what we have achieved and what our goals maybe for the future. Relax, you've got a while yet.

So off I head towards Cardiff, to spend some time with my friends who are mostly welsh, love em.

Happy New Year to every one, may God bless you in all your plans (whether they work out the way you want them to or not, He's still got you)!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I'm back in Essex now and it's very good to be at home.

Had a great Christmas day, saw all of my family. Which is a massive achievement, though it happens every Christmas Day.

I'm sure there will be photo's floating around, as always I'm happy to share my family with anyone who will have us. Fisher Christmas is something I plan to be around for for a very long time.

Today my dad fixed my car, I helped by holding the torch and turning the lights on and off when needed. My front dipped light was broken, which is illegal (if you drive with your broken dipped lights on and the British transport police happen to be outside Luton Station at the time where you drive past). But now it is fixed with a tiny bit of rewiring, well done my dad!

I learnt alot today. Boxing/St Stephen's day is a day of sleeping, learning and opening brilliant presents in my house! Wohoo!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. Here's to New Year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Play

StableFor reasons (that I don't fully understand) this is the only picture I can post with out breaking any rules. All the others have small children in.

We had a great time on Sunday morning. The play was, with all it's hitches, fantastically funny and only 45 minutes long. I think the young people and children did a great job. I absolutely loved it. I let myself get a little bit stressed beforehand, which allowed me to calm down someone who was having the most horrendous stage fright I've ever seen.

I shared abit of a story from my childhood with her and she laughed a little bit. She then managed to do the solo verse at the start of 'Once in Royal David's city' in the evening!

Lots of these children and young people are seeking affirmation that they 'can'. Whatever it might be.

I have to be honest and say I suffer from 'I can't' quite alot, but in learning to say 'no' I've learnt the joy of saying 'yes' with out being thoroughly overloaded.

If I don't see you again have a great Christmas!

Friday, December 15, 2006


It's that time of year again... people start thinking about love and what it means to love and be loved.

It is a word we use far too much.

When you discover truth you fall deeper in love and recognise more of the full story.

What's brought this on? The 'real' Christmas story, I'm talking tonight at Houghton Regis. So i looked up some stuff and I fell in Love again with the Christmas story. Wohoo!

Bring on the young people and the heckling!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

With age...

I have to admit I'm not old. But I did laugh/nearly cried when some one complained about turning 20 the other day.

The good thing about growing up is that you really do start to appreciate things more. Like the absolute genius that comes with actually listening to a small child, or hearing the youth group (all 8 of them) sing and dance to carols! Whatever anyone else says it was beautiful. I am very proud.

Something that doesn't get better is Windows, just in general really. The movie for the weekend is nearly ready. I will attempt to post it at some point (but I have to get the actors agreement first - which will be so hard!). I would have finished it about 30 mins ago, but the beautiful Movie Maker is rubbish.

So off I go to make the most of my time, by shopping.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Opportune moment

Before life gets hectic again, and seeing as most people read on a Monday.

Pray for me this week. I have to do some editing for a movie I've filmed. I don't really know/understand the technology. It needs to be done this week. Sunday is our big nativity/play day. Nervous, so nervous.

Christmas decorations are slowly going up in St Hugh's I'll take some pictures and post them. It's been an interesting week in church life. As is always.

Uni carol service happened this week. Was really good, as usual. Many of my friends involved, and have noticed a growing culture of post-uni people. May be just cos I'm post uni (and still not sure if I'll ever go back).

Woke up at an obscene hour this morning, 6am for apparently no reason other than next door started making noise. Started to pray, because what else can you do in the dead of night (I certainly couldn't lie still enough to go back to sleep)? Was good, but then I was late getting to work!

And my sunroof showered me again this morning. I'm fully expecting to be showered upon all this week...

Jawsh (how could I EVER forget)- leave me an email address then I will email you...

Friday, December 08, 2006

There's a song that's rising up inside...

I'm taking my youth group Carol Signing on Monday! I have a feeling thay might not like it much.

I've been thinking about MySpace recently, and even more so this morning since some one younger than my littlest brother asked me if I wanted to chat with him! Very scary and totally inappropriate.

I know the internet is a life-line for some people and can be a real booster, I know it's helped me a lot in the last few days and weeks, but really there are boundaries.

In other news, the Uni Carol Service went really well last night. Was a laugh, probably only cos Chris and I were giggling the whole time. There will be pictures soon I'm sure.

You know when you think you are nearly there with all your christmas shopping, then realise you have a whole other set of people to buy for... that was me last night. Boo!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Another Saturday, another wedding!

Toby and Lynsey are probably heading off on honeymoon as I write. Big Congrats to them. If you want to see more photo's just click on the picture.
wedding bands

This is Angela and Quintin, surrounded by YWAM people, what fun! They got married last week. Congratulations to them too!angela and quintin

There is a link to all my current sermons here. Might be an idea to add this to your bookmarks, it's a long one!

Have lots of fun this week!

Friday, December 01, 2006


I've had one conversation today that has left me tired and worried. I know I shouldn't worry, but I do.

I know we don't live in a 'Nanny state' any more, but the Nanny's I come across this afternoon were really negative. Some of the Nannies in the church are lovely and so prophetic it's unbelievable, but these nannies couldn't say anything nice.

I'm wanting to do my job more than ever.

Well, any way. I'm gonna go home and eat my first Christmas dinner of the season. I'm absolutely starving!