Thursday, September 20, 2012


I've been thinking about what to call this for a while, unfortunately most of the titles I thought sounded too cheesy. But here I am and I'm writing, so that can't be a bad thing. I've got one really cheesy title saved up for later, any guesses?

We've been here for 2 months today, and so far everything is going pretty great. We're settled in Auburn, and have even been to a sporting fixture, which means we're here for a good while now. It was a ladies football match, like actual football, with a round ball. Auburn vs Missouri, not a particularly fast moving game and a few people shouting for the wrong type of thing, but good to be part of a crowd and at least know what I was watching.

This week I have to take my driving test to gain an Alabama State drivers license, in order to start work. It should be pretty easy, but then I've not had to drive at any standard for the last 9 years, so we'll see! Tomorrow is the day for that. Written and practical costing a total of $30, how much is a UK written and practical right now? Max 106GBP! Which is crazy! Then I'll be able to drive all over the country. Yeay!

So far, so good really. Nothing horrible to report, nothing untoward going on. It's just good to be in a place where we know we can unpack, relax and start to make friends properly.