Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

Yes I know its Saturday already, but I did have a good Friday yesterday despite the fact that Dad reckons I have damaged one of the muscles that surrounds my left lung. I am going to see a doctor.

So back to yeaterday. We did a really excellent meditation at church in the morning, then a walk of witness up the high street. We got abused hurled at us from some random bloke in town and then some of the procession, of about 500 people, nearly got run over by an ambulance (the procession crosses the entrance to an ambulance station, they weren't trying!).

We sat in Emmanuel Church at the top of the high street for another service before heading to the pub for lunch.

It was great to sit with about 20 people and eat dinner together, something we haven't done for a while.

Then I found out my aunt and her family were visting my nan, so we had tea with them, fish and chips. We talked about the tradition of eating fish on fridays, but couldn't find and answer, so any ideas?

All in all a good day and I've seen everyone in essex. It must be time to move on...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Easter Mission

It's been a mission these last few days.

I've been in Harrow (North West London) celebrating Miriam's birthday. It was very fun and I'm glad that I've met another prospective employer for next year. It seems like a nice area. I probably heard as many (if not less) sirens than Luton. As you can tell I'm not scared.

The amount God has taught me this year I think I have no reason to be scared!!

So I'm going on little to no sleep, always more fun. I'm off to Luton for a few hours tomorrow, maybe see some people who I didn't get a chance to chat to on Sunday.

I'm going on another mission next Monday, in Harrow at Elmfield. I'm looking forward to it.

So don't cry if you don't hear from me, I'll be busy!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Archery, Rock Climbing, Potholing and Abseiling

These are some of the things TGI's (and leaders) did this weekend at Phasels Wood.

It was great! I had a lot of fun, mainly running around after the youth thinking "thankyou Jesus for my energy". I even had enough left over to clean the kitchen and mop the floor (it was a big floor).

The talk that I was dreading turned out really well. The Holy Spirit really guided me into what they youth needed to hear. Lots of people said I did really well. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to pray lots this weekend.

Then this evening at Church I got challenged right back by God. We all need to hear from God now and again. Tonight was one of those nights.

I'm scared to move away from Luton, I'm scared to leave the things and people I love. The next time I move out of Billericay, it will probably be for a long time.

God told me that I shall be moving and not to be scared. The speaker talked about the people who were in the shadows (I'm not so much in the shadows, but I am under supervision) needing to move to be 'spotted' and used. I think it's going to be right that I move away properly.

So just to confirm it really I got an email from Careforce over the weekend. The churches they are commending me to are in Kidderminster, I've been there once before, may be a random coincidence, who knows?

I'm very excited and not looking to go to bed any time soon, which is mental because I've been up sonce 7am.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Wales is finally happening

So I brought the tickets and they arrived. I'm off to wales for my interview on 8th April, prayers much appreciated.

I picked them up from our washing machine (they were on the top, not in it!) after my 13 hour day (which eventually ended up being more like 17 hours - pastoral care at midnight for an hour is always fun)

Going to scout camp tonight with the TGI's. I am staring to look forward to it! I can't wait to talk to them and get messy. The best thing about it is it only takes up a weekend of my life. A relatively short amount of time and I'll probably never have to do it again!

I got my YFC application form through the post, finally. The thing that made me laugh is that part of it is about applying to Activate, their music/drama/performance team. The additional information is about my vocal range (hmmm) and 'auditions' start in March (he he). Something tells me that they haven't thought this one through.

But that means its a challenge. When have I ever shyed away from a challenge (please don't answer that... I know the greatest challenge I've shyed away from and I'm not proud!)??

Anyway, bring on the weekend!!

Der Herr ist gn├Ądig und barmherzig, seine Geduld hat kein Ende und seine Liebe ist grenzenlos!
Psalm 145:8
I typed it all myself (so spelling maybe a bit off, but I'm getting there!).

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


... that Luton is just as far away from London as Billericay.

I got my Wales interview confirmation yesterday. I'm very excited by it all. Now I just have to decide where to travel from.

I asked the question, is it better travelling from Luton to Cardiff, or from Billericay. I could feasibly be in either place.

So I did the maths. Funny thing is, it takes 2 mins more to travel from Billericay on the train! A whole two minutes and it cost the same. So I figured I'll probably travel from Luton. That way I can sleep the saturday after and not have to worry about packing and unpacking the car.

Of course the other option is driving... he he! I think not.

Saying that, it takes an hour less, but looks a lot more complicated than travelling into London St Pancras and out of Paddington. Going to be a girl on this one, and I do already have 2 cross country trips planned this year.

Now to find the money to buy the ticket...

Monday, March 14, 2005

Its been a while...

I'm busy. Very busy.

I'm also ill.

But praying through it all. I've done the first 200 words of the next part of the dissertation thing. I should be in the Library finding books, but it can wait another two minutes.

TGI's are going away this weekend to Hemel. Should be fun. I'm doing the Sunday morning talk on 'School and Worship'. Please pray for me. I forgot to ask Charlie how long I need to talk and already my brain is alight with ideas.

This weekend will be full of Psalm 145 v 8. 'The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.'

I've nearly learnt it in German (that was a lent thing). Only a couple of weeks to go, argh!
Bible - Psalms in German

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Recent Events

A big congrats goes to Marc and Vero who got married on the 5th March 2005.
This is them being pelted with rice!
Marc and Vero 05-03-05

A Christian wedding and we get there to find this
Empty bottles. I laughed lots, then joined in!

I got more pictures sent,
I think this one is my favourite

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Top Golf and Breaking down

I nearly died last night.

This is not an over-dramatisation of the truth.

We were on our way to Top Golf (its linked cos I can't be arsed to explain) and Tim's car broke. Yes I'm being very girly and I did not listen to the RAC man who told Tim we could have died on the M1 if the car had broken any earlier.

Jesus saved us last night.

I'm very grateful to Gordon who came to pick us up.