Monday, September 13, 2010

Big news!

So as you may have picked up from Robert's, Dad's and Liz's blogs, Robert and I are getting married. This is exciting news for us and everyone who knows us.

My American Adventure has turned my life around and upside down. I never thought that I'd marry my best friend, that God would be so generous and gracious to me. robert and I have known each other for 5 years, ever since Cardiff. He has some stories about the time we spent together, I have very few memories (a great way to start!). Since then we have kept contact via email and skype.

I'm getting married! All the years I've prayed and prayed and got impatient and prayed some more. It's finally happening. I'm so excited! If you want to find out more there is a website. I'm really looking forward to the day. Please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, September 06, 2010


There were lots of celebrations going on this past weekend.

On Saturday we celebrated Kirsty and Ed getting married. A brilliant day was had by all. The bride looked beautiful and the groom was smiling so much his cheeks hurt. There were lots of people around to help them celebrate. I think that's how weddings should be, family and friends around all laughing and smiling. It was a long day. My favourite moment was being able to pray for the couple during the ceremony (and dancing with the bride's half sister to Justin Beiber, but don't tell anyone else that - it's one of my guiltiest pleasures!).

Then on Sunday I went to Essex to celebrate Mike turning 21. It's really hard to believe he's turned 21, it makes me feel quite old. In time old tradition, we were retelling stories of past family gatherings, especially ones which involve everyone, but mostly the boys telling stories of nights out. We also have new stories to tell. Especially ones that involve injury to one or more of the parties telling the story! We are an accident-prone bunch. I shared my news with them. They all were very excited. It lasted about a minute, and then moved on to talk about much more recent events. I'm happy that they know now.

Soon we will celebrate Mum and dad being married for 27 years. I think I'm home that weekend as well. Mum pointed out that two years ago when we were celebrating their Silver anniversary was probably the last time I saw my other cousins. I'm gonna have to rectify that one. It's hard having family scattered all over the place, but a time will come when I will be more than just a car journey away, that should be interesting!