Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's been a while...

Sorry about that!

Lots has happened in the last few months. Robert and I are now married to start off with! We got married on 13th October at First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs.

I suppose I had better tell the story of what happened, as I know it the best.

We applied for a Fiance Visa in mid September, which to our dismay was denied. From there we had two options, apply for the visa again and risk the money (which is a lot) or tranfer my ticket from thanksgiving to early October and get married and apply for the visa again.

As you could guess, we went for the second option! Here is a photo of us just married.

We had a really good day. Robert's family and closest friends were around and we even had a little reception where we put cake in each other's faces! It was really brilliant to have Mum and Dad around too. They flew out especially. It wouldn't have been the same without them.

We applied for the marriage visa as soon as we could, and a few weeks later Robert moved to Luton! He's now been here a month, and it's really great having my husband with me. I still can't believe how crazy the last few months have been. I have a husband!

Oh and this is the ring...

It's it beautiful?!? I couldn't quite believe it when I saw it for the first time. It fits me perfectly and every so often I look down at it and think 'oh my word, that's a diamond and I'm married to my best friend who is awesome and he brought me this ring, which is a diamond...' and the whole process starts again. It's brilliant.

And on the first day we were married this happened...

Robert'll tell this story much better than me... but the first time I was in ATL I DIDN'T want my picture taken with the polar bear. So we take Mum and dad to the World of Coke and Mum drops me in it. She quite innocently says 'Karen, why don't you have your photo taken with the polar bear?'. Robert bursts out laughing and I concede. 9 weeks after I refused, I'm having my photo taken with the bear. I love my husband very much.

We are celebrating out marriage with a wedding blessing on 2nd January. That's the day for suits and big white dress as well as all my family and friends. We'll have some special guests from America too. I'm just as excited about that day as I have been about every day since I booked the tickets to fly the first time.

The last 5 months have been epic, but lots of fun. God has definitely been working in the both of us and now we are together! It's still crazy. But here we are approaching our first christmas together.

Thank you to every one who has prayed with me, supported us and just been there from before the word go. You guys are amazing. We vaule your support more than anything.

And here we are as of last night...