Friday, January 03, 2014

Christmas In England

We have just returned from a ten day trip to England, meeting family and friends all over. All, except Mum and Dad, hadn't met Robbie before, and that was the main purpose of our trip.

We flew on Saturday and arrived midday Sunday. Atlanta to Heathrow is a good flight, pretty quick and even without a place to put the baby, we survived. On Sunday, among others we saw the Cooks. We hadn't seen them since our trip to Florida in June, so it was great to catch up and for them to meet Robbie.

We went to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, meeting friends who I haven't seen for a long time and passing the baby around the various friends and family friends. Hearing my Mum introduce the baby was one of the more surreal experiences. She was so excited to show him off.

Boxing Day evening we were hosted by my new Sister-in-law and brother. We met my cousins and their babies. Lots of singstar and a few drinks were had. It was good fun, I'm sure we kept the neighbours up.

We also got the chance to see friends in Luton. Some people we missed due to traffic and others were fleeting, but it was good to catch up. I even had the chance to return to St Hugh's and show off my lovely baby to my church family. Most of church are older and not connected to facebook, so me turning up with a baby was a huge surprise. And their reactions made me smile with delight.

Liz and Ray treated us to a Yo!Sushi experience. While Dad babysat, I say Dad because apparently Mum didn't get a hold or a look in.

We traveled back, with a bit of a longer flight and had a great trip home to sleep in our own beds on Wednesday night.

Here is a comparative photo of us. 13 in the top photo, 20 in the bottom. I think 7 in 18 months is a bit much. Maybe we'll slow down a bit now!

Here are the babies of the family.
L-R Robbie Litton (6 weeks), Ashton Harmsworth-Blyth (15 weeks), Isla-Rose Harmsworth-Blyth (14 months) Leo Fisher (15 months)

And this is what Dad spent a fair part of his holiday doing, napping with his grandsons.

Now the countdown begins, back to work in 17 days.