Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Working hard?

I suppose I could blog for you guys, but life feels very very slow at the moment. The end of August and I'd usually be recovering from Ignite and starting to get back to looking like I am busy.

Not so this time... Of course I'm slowly getting busier. There are things to be done, but for now the implementation of them seems so far away that sleeping in til 10 can be done!

Sorry to all those people who are working very very hard right now, you guys are doing a great job.

One exciting thing I have done is going back to the Vauxhall Recreation Centre, two years ago I was doing exams, this year I was dancing. Ceroc to be precise! Google it! Feel free if you are a Lutonian to join the lady who took me and myself at 7.45 every tuesday! It's very fun.

So I've found a new hobby, which for now will be ok. We'll see what happens once I get into working properly.

In other news, I'm settling back in ok. Starting to find my way around and working out the best ways to do things. My lovely car has been 90% fixed, but someone drove it up a curb and broke the front bumper, so thats the next thing! I no longer get a mini shower in car when it rains outside!

I hope everyone reading this is ok, let me know either way. And if i've emailed you about coming to St Hugh's please reply, I need to have an idea of numbers.