Wednesday, February 06, 2008


To be honest, I have great respect for the law, I try my hardest to stick to it. Then a conversation like this happens and I think 'Is it really worth it?'

Me: erm 'cuse me are you actually going into church?

Man: no

Me: well, there is a service starting in church in a moment and we'll need the space (pointing at the disabled space man had plonked car in)

Man: well it's ok I'm police *smug grin*

Me: still annoyed 3 hours later!

I genuinely wouldn't have minded if there was something ACTUALLY going on, like robbery in progress at church, or attacker at church, or church burning down, you know things that really need the police...

Police man was attending an Audi TT which had been pulled over on LHS, which already had two police officers and a marked car blocking traffic and cycle lane.

I'm done. But I won't be taking 'well I'm Police' as an answer to breaking the law again, there is no need (and also there were about 6 other places he could have parked).