Saturday, May 23, 2009


Michael's suggestion...

My thoughts aren't very deep and by no means theological and, when they are written down, often sound as though I shouldn't be thinking them any way.

Thought 1:
I go through life making various observations. One such observation occured today. I was on the M25 stuck in a 'for no reason' traffic jam. It only lasted about 10 minutes, so no big deal. I don't think people on the M25 know how to drive on the motorway. I think it's pretty simple and it's hard to tell if I'm in the majority or minority. I just want motorway driving to be simple and less dangerous, without reducing the speed.

Thought 2:
Pimms is nice... But you don't put apple in it. I will invest in a bottle of pimms this summer.

Thought 3:
Is it worth me signing up to Twitter? Or will I just end up stalking John Mayer? Am I popular enough to be followed? Does any body actually care?

Other thoughts include, will I ever own a house? Will I ever be married? 25th Birthday this summer, want to do something, but not sure what... Isn't thought a strange word when you say it more than necessary?