Monday, August 10, 2009

Before I go...

If it wasn't so late at night here, I'd probably come up with something quite wise to say...

As it goes I can't think right now.

So anyway, we leave for Uganda at the weekend. I'm not really packed, I have a pile of washing that I need to do in order to be packed and I keep remembering things I should buy. Not just things for me, but things for holiday club and things for general travel. The thing I'm most scared of is being loci parentis for some young people while we are in Uganda. I'll leave it at that, for fear of saying something which might mean the young people stay in the UK!

Pray for us. I'll update when I come back, I promise! There will be photo's galore. And my mother is already lining me up for speaking dates... go to her and she'll tell you I'm available for most days! Also I'll post my testimony pre-Uganda.

My experience of Africa (Uganda being the only place I've been) has massively shaped who I am today, no doubt about it. Here's to praying that I learn what God is teaching me in less than 8 years this time round!