Sunday, November 29, 2009

Twittering away

Twitter has been in my life for a white now and one of the people I follow described it as "blogging for lazy people". Sadly, I'm beginning to think he is right. I have not blogged in a while because writing more that 140 charcters to describe what's going on seems like too much effort!

I have forced myself to remain on blogger for long enough to up date. And as I sit I realise that quite a lot has been going on and maybe that's the reason for not blogging and more tweeting instead.

I went to Youthwork The Conference and came back tired and with a cold, but it was good to be away and hear some brilliant speakers. Pete Grieg spoke on the first night, and was absolutely captivating. He was funny and really honest. Exactly what you need for a first night, in my humble-never-organised-a-conference opinion.

Then throughout the weekend I heard Andy Hawthorn, Mike P, Ruth Valerio and Jim Wallis. I am uneducated as to who Jim Wallis really is, so to hear him was very fun and enjoyable, he brought a very good message.

The rest of the time I spent catching up with friends, family and hanging out by the sea. I love the conference for all the hanging out you can get away with/do.

I came home, exhausted, facing a full week of work, and ended up in bed for 2 days asleep. I travelled to York on Friday to see friends and came home via Jude and Gill yesterday. I was all in for a busy week, but my body had a different idea.

So life goes on inevitably. Trying to have a quieter Advent this year, it starts today with Canon Andrew White visiting us for Christingle! (Not as quiet as I had hoped)