Saturday, January 30, 2010

Compassion Fatigue

I do not cope very well with international natural disasters. I do not really know why, but as soon as I've heard the story once, I do not need to hear it again, nor can I cope with all the pain and the horridness that comes with it.

Of course, I'm heartbroken when it happens, but after a day, I can't face it any more. I give money, I know that it can help a little bit. But the thought that I'm not doing a great deal, leads me to think less about it and more about my own work and my own area.

I love that the world is now doing all it can for Haiti. I just wonder, how did it get to the point where there is no real army/police, no road signs, no real government? How did the island fall into such poverty? That's the saddest thing to me...

Of course we will continue to pray for Haiti, but compassion fatigue has hit.