Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Away end all weekends away!

It seems that the last weekend wins the award for 'most likely to be anywhere other than home' weekend...

Last year I was at home, 2008 was St Albans, 2007 was Alpha with Liz and Ant in Ashby, 2006 was the farm with gappies, 2005 was St Albans... 2004 I wouldn't have a clue, as I only started blogging the week after! Ha ha, suddenly having an online diary seems particularly useful.

So I think the very long winded point I'm trying to make is, last weekend the youth group I co-lead spent time away. We went to Phasels Wood (for Liz). The last time I was there was 5 years ago with TGI's and St Mary's. Strangest thing to be back there again, this time in charge and ultimately responsible, showing how far I have come in 5 years.

Looking back over the blogs I've written, I realise just how far I have come. But that's for another day.

Last time I didn't do Potholing, and I don't remember my abseiling experience (if i had one). This time I conquered my fear and went down the dark hole (earning me the nick name Alice).

The young people who are part of this group are absolute angels. I can't stress how well behaved they really are. This makes my life easier. The only real problem is my inability to give clear instructions some times.

Liz taught us about Revelation. She did such a brilliant job. Pitched just right, and with amazing insight. I'm proud of my little sister!

No accidents or major problems. All in all I survived better than my colleague, and I have made it to Wednesday without feeling massively exhausted. I think I can chalk this up as a success.