Thursday, April 01, 2010


I think we should extend Advent... having 6 weeks to prepare for Easter makes it feel as though you SHOULD be prepared! Or maybe we should put all the pressure on Easter and not Christmas?

I've not been hugely involved in Easter prep this year, preferring to be running around London and being in and out of school. It's just been an incredibly busy term. I've almost stopped, and the prospect of a long weekend away is still a way off.

The good news is that all the hard work is paying off, with different projects being awarded funding and the church being fully aware of all the work we do... I just proof read the annual report and we're mentioned quite a lot, which is good. Apprently I'm "excellent" at my job. Wohoo!

I've felt quite the professional this week. What with signing contracts for funding, talking in an assembly and making contacts with family workers for the schools in Lewsey, it's all been pretty good really. The benefits of being in school for 90mins a week are brilliant.

Yes, I'm looking forward to a break, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the sunrise on Sunday morning and the thought of all that is to come for the summer term.