Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny Update

Things have been happening since august, I promise. It just feels like no one wants to hear about what's going on. Twitter and Facebook have fallen foul of busyness too though, so don't feel left out.

One big bit of news is that we finally took some time to celebrate our birthdays. We went to the Royal Albert Hall to experience the Proms and I introduced Robert to Wagamamas. Which inevitably he loves. Good celebration date.

We've also been to Essex a lot to celebrate a wedding and a birthday. I think it's always really fun hanging out with family, especially if there's pictures and stories to tell.
This is the new Mr and Mrs Harmsworth-Blyth
This is the still new (for one more month) Mr and Mrs Litton being very happy.
This is one of the many roses which has appeared in our garden over the summer. I think this is the last decent one I've seen. we have a tonne of pears and apples too. Our garden is fruitful!

And as far as life goes, that's it really. Work is busy for both of us now. So we're adjusting again. Both doing 40/45 hour weeks and trying to work out who has the car and when we are going to see each other. Happy life, fun life.