Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Little updates here and there, but most of the people who read this should know this by now. I'm finishing up as Youth Worker at St Hugh's at the end of January 2012.

As you might have noticed, I love my job and the family at St Hugh's. People keep telling me how much I'll be missed and they are beginning to wonder what youth work will look like after I leave. I'm honestly trying not to worry about that too much. I know church will still look after the young people and they will definitely have to keep going to church, they have responsibilities! Whatever happens, I know that God will be teaching those involved.

I'm sad to be leaving, however leaving means that it's time to explore and create paths which are wide enough for me and Robert to walk side-by-side. What the specifics of that path is are yet to be determined. A move is in there somewhere, possibly over an ocean, and eventually children etc...

It's an exciting time. I never thought 18 months ago that this is where we'd be, let alone I. I remember talking in our family years ago about the boys moving to America and living the dream, who've thought that would actually be me?!

So that's where we are, more up dates and thoughts to appear soon.