Monday, April 16, 2012

One Step closer

Promised I keep you all updated as to where we were and what was happening. Today I became one step closer to moving to the States; I had my medical in London, which puts us closer to the interview.

As normal, I was pretty nervous about being in a doctors office. Many people (including my husband) had said that I shouldn't be nervous, it's just a regular check up and a little blood test. It kinda worked, a few literally and figurative deep breaths later and it was done.

As far as the doctor was concerned, she could see nothing to worry about. And the test results will be through on Wednesday and they'll ring me if anything is wrong. I know it won't be, but Wednesday might be a longer day than normal!

Trips into London are uneventful nowadays, it's much easier taking one American who looks after himself than 5-8 Americans who are awaiting your every instruction as the 'expert' (we went in circles more than once). One more trip to go, and I'm not sure we'll be visiting Chipotle on Baker Street again, this last trip will be for interview and visa granting if all goes well.

Friday is a big day, 2nd time taking up bridesmaid duties, this time for Christine and Chris, who will become Mr and Mrs Gosseling.Very excited about this! Then after that, Life will be normal, with work and sleep until interview day.