Saturday, July 20, 2013

29 Years/1 Year/6(ish) Months

We've now been in the States for a whole year! It's been a long and interesting year. I'm glad we're settled and have made it this far.

In a whole year we have done so many things. The list of States I've visited is still only 4 (AL, GA, FL and MS) but we've travelled so far. Still think about those first few weeks in Jacksonville, AL and time spent in Florida before settling in Auburn.

I've watched more football and baseball than ever, but have enjoyed some great sporting events from afar (Olympics and Wimbledon). Sometimes I think it's better that way. I've experienced a lot of new foods and learnt how to drive (again).

It's still very much interesting to other people that I'm here and I've got an accent. I probably get told once a week that 'I love your accent'. Though I'm glad that my colleagues and friends here are not fazed by it at all. I sound American to my family though, but I think that was to be expected. I never held much of my own accent, it's like my handwriting, it changes depending on who I am with and what I am doing. There's the occasional y'all and extended 'i' sounds (fiiiive, piiie) and I have changed my vocabulary depending on who I talk to. Children are the easiest to do this with, as I don't expect for them to understand me if I'm talking in an English accent. I know I still get the quizzical look, but eventually we can communicate.

This week I began the last year of my 20's! Ha ha ha, oh well. I'm excited for this year ahead. What it will bring and all the possibilities. And so to 29!

Here we are at 24 weeks into pregnancy, just shy of 6 months.
Nothing to report apart from the regular kicking and now hiccups the baby gets. He's growing and growing and I'm waiting impatiently to meet him.