Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Looks like we made it"

Well, here we all are. How about that?! We made it all the way to the middle of November and there is a new boy on the block!

Here is my not-so-little boy! He was only a day or so old when this picture was taken, already with a decent sized plug in his mouth.

Robert Kenneth Litton III arrived at 4.04am on 8th November 2013, weighing a staggering 8lb 7oz and measuring 20.5inches long.

Now since we are not royalty, there was no town crier to announce this birth, since he is not the Son of God there wasn't a heavenly host telling shepherds on a hill (not that I know of) and so we used the power of the internet and FaceTime to see family and announce to friends the long awaited arrival of baby boy Litton.

The whole labour (my American friends; can I be excused from spelling please, it's tedious to me) experience was not one of great distress, nor was it such a delight that I'd do it all again tomorrow. I laboured for 22 hours, half with no epidural and half with. I would say the time in between my waters being broken and having the epidural were the toughest physically, and the pushing part the toughest mentally.

To spare you the details, we have a stubborn baby. There is no doubt in my mind that we will fight with this child over wrong and right, over bedtimes and allowances, because of how stubborn he was about being born. He did not want to be in the world.

Robert was my rock the entire time I laboured. We laughed, slept, he ate, I envied his food! I beat him up while I was contracting and he took it like a man (until I slapped him in the unmentionables because I am a mean and super strong while pregnant/labouring). He got me through the last 4 hours without so much as a complaint and without putting me in any worry.

We had some great nurses caring for us at the hospital. They all found my accent intriguing and even joined in with video calls. They were amazing. Our first few days in hospital are a blur at best, we had visitors, and phone calls. We managed to survive all the nurses and professional personnel that visit to register the existence of a new human  in the world. From early Friday to Sunday morning we recovered. We were all home and settled in time to see Arsenal play Man U. Though it seems even the arrival of our son can't guarantee all of our teams winning.

So, we are home. We have been for nearly a week. There is no routine, there is no possible way I could do this without Robert or my mother in law being here. I admire single mums and stay at home mums all the more. You ladies are champions in my eyes. How do you ever shower? Or clean anything??

Here's another picture just because! My super man!