Sunday, August 28, 2005

We'll be...

... tired and happy

... a dancing generation

... full of God

... praying

All these things and more happened over the last couple of weeks.

Ignite 2005 was an amazing experience. More than ever before. I think God that we only had to rely on him to make the last week fantastic. Its great to see God moving in such a young generation.

Leaders will rise up from Ignite and God will be seen in all of the country, all of the time, not just in Denstone, Staffs for one week a year.

A highlight was seeing the Farmery's in the Incredibles outfits. A fitting tribute to how they have been to the church overthe last year. They are both incredible and it's very sad to see Charlie leave St Marys.

I'm praying for all the Ignite people and I'm sure that God will remain stronger than he has done.

I trust him fully. I can't give out any more, so I spent most of today receiving. Yeay for people who had sleep. Thank you for smiling and crying with me.

That's it, my final good bye to Luton.

I love you all...