Friday, September 02, 2005

Pub's Broke

Got an unintentional day off today. The Pub broke yesterday morning.

The electrics kept tripping out and the cooling fan is broken. So no cold beer which means it's frothy, and no kitchen because the drain is blocked.

The joys of running a pub. Joe, the assistant manager, was considering buying his own... maybe yesterday changed his mind.

It definitely changed mine. I forgot how some people are very stuck in their ways about what they drink. At least 3 people just walked away and 2 others compromised by buying bottled beer and complaining that they had to pay a bit extra. Shall we let the pub lose money just to keep you happy sir?

Have learnt it is better to let the customer in on the deal and let them walk away. The Kings Head got a lot of business yesterday.

I wonder what the locals said about it all...

Now knowing that I have two days off makes me want to run away somewhere. Probably ending up on a Luton door step asking for dinner, but with the pub being shut I'm not earning money. Catch 22 is a very clever thing.

Luton people: I miss you loads. I love you even more!
Wales people: 8 days to go!