Thursday, December 15, 2005


Maybe I should stop opening my posts with random Welsh words.

This one is Christmas.

I'm having problem stringing sentences together. Welsh is just a backwards to me as German is, or in fact any other language that is not my own. How arrogant am I?

Feel free to answer that, I'm not afraid!


mareike said...

froehliche weihnachten!!! :)
you're doing well. any language brings new challenges & makes you understand more about other people. that's why i love learning different languages - the thing is to stick with it though. that's where i need to get better.
you're doing great (even though i don't speak welsh...yet, hehe)!!
love u! xx

John Cowart said...

Thanks for solving a problem:

Here in the U.S. a controversary rages concerning the proper greeting at this season. The politically correct say it should be "Happy Holiday"; the traditionalists say it should be "Merry Christmas".

Thanks to your post from now on I'll just say, "Have a Nice Nadolig" and let them figure it out.

Chris said...

Haha, John, I like your thinking!

Kaz, I know... there's so much to learn it just seems impossible sometimes. Me and French are finding it hard to have a loving relationship right now.