Monday, September 18, 2006


Yes, I finally started the second series on 24 on Friday night. So I watched the first 12 hours while I had a proper day off.

No complaining... day off is supposed to be when you do no work, I did no work at all on Saturday. I even went to a youth event and still did no work.

It set me up for some very harsh realities at Church throughout Sunday. God is good throughout all the tough stuff we face, so I'm learning to pray more. Recognising attack is the first step, and boy did I feel attacked. Sorry to those I ranted at, but you helped me see a lot of stuff.

So here I am, Monday afternoon, trying to trace a CRB form. Which has scarily been lost in the post. I think I may face and have to deal with identity fraud some where along the line. We are praying for miracles daily.


Pete said...

Tough stuff is waht Jesus came to do - He knows how it works, and the problems it causes.

Hope you find the CRB, and there was nothing enclosed with it - like a passport!

Robert said...

Isn't 24 the best show?!?! I am blogging WAY more than I used to. It's good to hear that you are doing well back in Luton. Isn't working in a church full time fun? That's what I'm doing here in the States. I'll email you about some of my experiences.