Friday, September 22, 2006

Drying up

It might be too early to post something that sounds quite pessimistic, but I happen to be in the process of drying out my office... it leaks a bit. I'm not complaining, just pointing out a fact. As the dust collects around me and Lex sings at me I'm warm and inevitably tired.

I met some new students and some old friends yesterday. The Christian Union kicked off with a BBQ... it was really good to be invited, luckily I really didn't have to do anything, just chill out and look like I knew what I was talking about. Ha!

The practical side of things is going ok... if you are reading this and you ever want to help out with a youth group please ring me... it would be great if you are a boy too! Seriously, I need someone who is cool and isn't a parent.

The admin stuff is going ok too... I'm kinda settling into writind letters and fund applications. I'd better get on with some work.