Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, it's been just that, a lovely weekend.

Haven't really acheived much, which means that my sermon writing has all but stopped. I never realised how hard this could be. Part of me wants to scrap what I've got and just write something like I'm talking to my mates, the other part of me wants to keep going with the church family in mind.

Who has ever heard of some one who has been stopped by their own sermon? Mental.

Sadly one member of the church died yesterday morning. He was well loved and well known, though I never got to meet him. He was too ill when I arrived. Please pray for the church and the family here.

Again I find myself dealing with loss that I can't appreciate. Tears coupled with deep down joy for the person who is now in Heaven having a great time. I struggle.

On a more cheery note, funding from the diocese (how on earth do I say this word and it's variations?) has been aquired. There is hope yet that the youth work will break even! Or not - a trip to Thorpe park might break the bank!

Do you remember my welsh/english dictionary thing? Thought about doing a bit of Luton/english translation...