Friday, October 27, 2006


It's gonna be a busy one. Although I have lots of helpers, we've got a really big light party tomorow! I've come in to write three talks of 5 mins with maximum impact. So far I haven't written anything.

In some really good news I'm feeling really confident about my talk on Sunday. It's not as interactive as it could be, but I'm not feeling it at the moment. Maybe one day.

And did you know, it's only 5 weeks to go until Christingle @ St Hugh's? Oh yes, and guess who is organising it... argh, me! (for those non-Anglican or non-British out there Christingle descriptions here)

Talk about being thrown in at the deepest end. Between now and then hopefully lots will happen, I'm really excited about Christmas this year. It's good to know that for the first time in a while I'll be able to be part of ongoing Christmas traditions.