Friday, May 18, 2007

Why do we do what we do?

So John tagged me...

1. I'm a twin, but I often refer to Liz as my sister, it's just easier to explain!

2. CSI is turning me into a geek, I know I will never be a CSI, it's far too much hard work. If I'm sat in front of the telly it's usually CSI related.

3. I'm currently driving my dream car! I love it, and it has had a lot of comments. I'm singing quite loudly at the moment, so I'm not quite sure if the stares are because of the colour or the dancing.

4. Teaching 11-14 year old's is a big passion of mine. Any thing that gets young people understanding God a bit more. I want young people across the world enabled to make their own decisions about faith.

5. Obscenities in pop music makes me want to cry every time I hear them. I don't understand why something/anything that is universal needs to be gratuitous or explicit. I'm starting to sound old in my ways, but lots of young people are robbed of their innocence because of pop stars etc.

6. I love luton, it's not hard to tell the way I talk, but I love it. I'm still really glad to be back here, I wonder if it will ever wear out, I hope not.

7. My biggest issue about myself is my face...

8. Beautiful jewellery is something I wish I had more of.

* * *

In other news, life is moving along at a swift pace. I can't believe we are headng towards the end of the academic year so quickly. I'm hoping to have a chilled out weekend, before a hectic one next week.

I may be saying good bye to the Proton this weekend. It's getting to be quite hard.

Oh and if you wanna know anything more about me, just ask!