Monday, October 01, 2007


Went to see the Chinese State Circus on Saturday night, was a lot of fun. Quite hard to understand at some points, but that would probably be the thick Chinese accent and bad acoustics. I feel sorry for the people who live over the road from the site.

The 'funniest moment' of the night is awarded to the small child who was sitting behind us, who said as the monks who were trained in the art of pain management left the stage "that was sick!". I think he meant "it was good". Or maybe it should have gone to Chris' reaction when the mum said 'shhh now, and watch' before talking for the next 5 minutes! I think I've seen C.S.C. before and they are a bit different than the Moscow guys.

Last week was 'back to school' week for me. Back in middle school and back to breakfast club. Back to admin and back to church. Also back to half of the blogger site being in German.

The rest of this month is a bit hectic... keep an eye out for random up dates.


Pete said...

at least you stand half a chance of understanding the german!!!

Liz said...

We have seen them! We were on holiday, but Mum and I can't remember where or when!

Chris said...

Grrrr....... I was trying to listen.. 'Aunty Sarah' didn't think about that did she?!

John Cowart said...

The circus sounds like fun. I could use a good circus right now.

Good luck with your renewed school work.