Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unleashing the Philosopher

Everybody has the ability to ask questions... and (according to the lecturers) there is no definitive answer to those questions.

Even the most simple of questions can be subject to extremist realitivism (or not extreme, depending on which realitivist you talk to).

I've been on the MA at Leicester for 3 months and we are already digging deep to find the philosopher within, finding answers that only bring up more questions.

Hard and scary stuff.

Thinking out loud is a must... no internalising here.

Possible dissertation question too, very exciting!


John Cowart said...

So, Rene Decartes was in a pub just at closing time.
The barkeep asked, "Mr. Decartes, want one more for the road"?
The philosopher said, "O, I think not" -- and disappeared.

Karen, feel free to share this with your professor. Or, it might make a good theme for your dissertation.

Pete said...

I always like to ask philosophers "What is two + two?" the answers can be very revealing. btw you might be more surprised at the answers to that provided by mathematicians. Anyway, that's my second thought, as John has already given you my 1st!!!