Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fighting Impatience

It's always quite interesting driving around Luton at random times of the day.

At 5.50am there was a rather impatient person who decided to cut me up at a roundabout, I spent the rest of my journey thinking, "what could possibly make you impatient pre-6am on any day?".

Then at 10pm some lovely immature boys followed 1/2 the way home, and sped off at the first opportunity in a measley 1.0 engine, which sounded like a toy car. I'm not quite sure what point they were trying to prove seeing as at took them about 1.5miles to get the guts to over take my very pink car.

Easter holidays are about to start here in Luton and it feels like we've crammed a whole term into half a term. Tensions were running high and exploded in childish fisty cuffs during breakfast this morning.

As a consequence grapes have been removed from the breakfast menu...