Friday, March 07, 2008

Nancy Beach - Vineyard, St Albans

Willow Creek Association kindly lent Nancy Beach to the ladies of the UK last weekend and this.

So today I headed to St Albans, with others from church in tow. Eventually arrived at Vineyard Church on the Ashley Industrial Estate, and wandered into a slightly refurbished building from the last time.

Was good to hear what Nancy had to say about Women in Leadership, titles like "God did not make a mistake" and "Managing Your Life". I have never felt like I work in a 'boys club' but there are always challenges when it comes to working with any one who isn't you, and especially if they are a man.

Nancy did really well for talking for a whole day, but she also gave some time for us to talk to the different people around us. We had Ladies from Chelmsford in front of us and ladies from Cockfosters behind us. A few interesting conversations with the ladies from St Hugh's.

Back to normal tomorrow, with a weekend full of friends and enjoying talents.