Thursday, May 08, 2008

God Is With Us

You have looked deep
into my heart, LORD,
and you know all about me.
Psalm 139 v 1

After all is said an done, God knows me inside and out, He knows exactly how to comfort me, when to inspire me, when to push me to my limits. He knows me better than anyone else ever will.

It's not been a great week, news and events wise. I've attended the funeral of one of the men who used to come to church. Sadly it took six weeks for the funeral to happen because there were no next of kin and only one breavement officer in the L&D. Strikes me as a silly thing to do, everyone dies, quite a few of them in hospital. So why only one breavement officer?

Following some bad news on Tuesday night, my bible reading was about David being chosen because of how his heart looked, rather than his outward appearance. God's unknown way of bringing comfort to me. I am in awe of how he has helped me, each time I take stock of my life.

On Sunday we headed to the prayer room at Kestin House to be part of the ten days of prayer for Luton. Here's an arty picture to keep you intrigued about the prayer room!

God knows you, He knows your heart
God is here, his spirit is with you.