Thursday, June 12, 2008

Customer Reviews

So far my experience with the Sony Ericsson K850i has been a tempremental one.

Within the first week I noticed the delay (and some times no) flash whilst taking pictures on the CyberShot branded phone. If you brought a camera like that you'd be annoyed and take it right back.

I didn't (wish I had).

And with this phone you can multi-task, writing a text message with your ear whilst talking on the phone!

Then about 4 months in the touch pad feature froze on me, no idea why, but probably something to do with the lack of memory on the phone itself. so having cleared the cache (i'm addicted to FB, it's hard to go without it some days), I didn't expect the phone to switch itself off mid-task. But it did... boo!

Now seven months on the touch feature has migrated to the rest of the key pad, rendering the entire phone useless. This is mostly because the buttons are so small that even my skinny fingers can't write a text/dial a number without touching the base of the phone (do you understan dwhere I'm going?).

So I took the phone to the O2 shop this morning. And they will send it off having. At no point did the sales man suggest there might be a replacement phone service I might use. I desperately pleaded with them and for the price I depoisted for it, I could have brought 2 PAYG phones!

The replacement was a dud phone, so I had another trip to the shop where I asked them to check it before they gave it to me, as they should have done the first time.

I'm back on the network and in the mean time I'm using a tiny samsung phone, I hope I don't lose it!