Friday, July 25, 2008


I've taken to sitting in the garden with books and laptop, to enjoy the summer and finish an essay.

Couldn't have done this last year, mostly cos my last laptop wouldn't have lasted 5 mins with out the power cord and it was raining a lot.

So here I sit, watching the sun set behind the back wall of the garden. Marsh Farm is surprisingly quiet at times, though wherever you go in Luton you can hear the planes, trains and motorway.

There was a bit of comotion last night, with a helicopter hovering overhead for a good 30 minutes and it disrupted us neighbours enough to all come out into our gardens to see what was really going on. Dodgy!!

Now the focus is on camp, and september.

God's here again, and he's nudgng me. I kinda like being nudged, it's better than a big fat shove. Though I've had a few of those too.

I hope the rest of the summer is this sunny...