Monday, July 14, 2008


At the moment it feels like every thing around is changing, and here I am just plodding along with life.

Though I guess I should be grateful, with nothing huge happening at the moment I can focus on delivering a great preach this Sunday, and now that I've finished most of the uni work for this year, I'll tidy the house (ha ha).

It's actually quite lovely to be busy, but for things not to be changing. I have a slow summer too, but I have just been asked to do an evening talk for the camp I'm on. Pretty excited about that. Will be a first time and some of my young people will be there. I obviously have to be quite prepared before I go, so prayer is much needed for those of you still out there.

I will of course post both talks on the web.

But for now life plods on, and I get to run around in a dark room this evening, Laser Quest here I come!