Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Morning Boys!

The M1 north of Luton is a funny place to be on a Monday morning, but that's where Chris and i found ourselves heading towards Alton Towers.

Was a very fun day, lots of rides and a walk around the towers withs it's dark scary rooms and lots of history. We went up to the roof to have a look around Staffordshire, it was windy and a bit cold.

Tuesday ended in the cinema watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (or Full-frontal snogging, for the purists). Wasn't brilliant, much of the story had been changed to fit in with the movie style of doing things. Being 14 was never that fun, and I'm pretty sure Eastbourne's old people are glad to be rid of snogging teenagers. A bit of fun for an afternoon, but nothing more.

Wednesday we went to Chessington World of Adventure. It now has a Sea Life Centre, along with the theme park and the mini zoo. All good fun, especially when it torrentially pours on you when you are getting on your second ride of the day.

Today was Mamma Mia, not as good as the stage show, but again quite fun. Laughed mostly at the end credits and Julie Walters in general. Maybe that tells you something about the movie if you haven't slready seen it. So in two weeks I'm caught up on most of the summer blockbusters.

Dark Knight was pretty stunning last week. Quite brilliantly filmed and delivered. The only thing that's a real bug about it is Christian Bale's Batman accent, why, why, why? Some of the things he said needed subtitling, to have such a deep voice with a bit of a lisp doesn't really help.

Mini film reviews over with, I'll just carry one with life, it's the summer, so we have the complusory camping trip coming up. Yeay!!